Consultant Update

October 2022


It hardly seems possible that another school year is already underway and we are almost to the Holiday season! The Staff Association Board Members have continued to meet regularly and support our work groups and the issues they believe are important.

Salary is always a high priority, Mr. Burke and the School Board members are very supportive of salary increases for all work groups. Certainly, the teachers are important but we know administrative assistants, afterschool directors, and others are critical to the success of students as well.

Occasionally people will ask why they should join the PBCSD Staff Association. Here is my response to that question:

  • First and foremost, it is insurance that you have a voice and support should you need it. If you find yourself under investigation or in the midst of an awkward situation, the Staff Association can provide guidance, help, and in extreme cases, legal assistance as we have an attorney on retainer.

  • Second, it gives you a voice in working conditions, salary, and climate and culture issues in your respective school or department.

  • Third, it serves as an insurance policy of sorts “should” you ever find yourself in need.

  • Fourth, I am available to assist in locating information for you.

  • Fifth, I am able to mediate between you and others should that be necessary, so that we can all work together.

  • Sixth, the Staff Association awards $1,000 scholarships to students whose parents are members. To date, we have awarded over $25,000 in the last few years to deserving students.

In conclusion, your membership gives you support and a voice both here in the District, as well as with state legislators who develop so many rules and regulations. Our membership is open to all Confidentials, Miscellaneous work groups, and District/Area administrators. Please consider joining if you have not already done so!!

Should you need any further information, just ask!


Pat Kaupe



Pat Kaupe

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