Paynesville German

Why German?

German is a great way to to introduce yourself to a foreign language. Students are exposed to a quarter of German in 8th grade, this helps students learn the alphabet, simple phrases, small conversations, and vocab. After this students can choose to take German 1 in 9th grade where skills are extended while maintaining grammar. During the year many students will be able to carry on a simple conversation with little help or English. German 2 provides a higher level of German where conversations should become easier and proper tense will be used. Vocab will increase where students can talk about different objects while describing them with no help. German 3-4 builds all skills to become comfortable in starting and carrying a conversation at any point in time.

David Wilke


Graduated from: Heidelberg American High School 1986; University of Wisconsin- River Falls (B.S. German)1991; Mankato State University (MAT Education 1994) University of Saint John’s (Spanish Major Equivalent 2000)

Paynesville Area School District Employee since 1996

Zoo Trip

Paynesville is attending the World Language German Day at the Minnesota Zoo in Shakopee and a authentic German restaurant called "Black Forest Inn" in Minneapolis. Bus leaves at February 7th at 7 am and should return by 3 pm. Students will roam the zoo from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. The cost is $28.00, this covers transportation, entry into the zoo and the food following. For more information please visit the Minnesota Zoo website, Black Forest Inn, or contact Mr Wilke here. Students must have permission slip signed and turned in with the payment by Jan 18th. Checks made out to PAHS.