Dynasty Jewelry & Loan

Norcross, GA

"Overall I am very happy with our first 30 days! Our ROI is approximately 10X. We also will get better with how we do things as time progresses.

We project a conservative profit of $2285. If the the loans are redeemed when due, it would lower profit to $1728. Of course, they may renew the loans which would increase it."


Ben Levinson, Owner & Former National Pawnbrokers Association President

Ponders Pawnbrokers

Lakewood, WA

"PawnGuru has helped our small family owned pawnshop grow significantly since we signed up. We have gained new customers on the pawn and retail side alike. PawnGuru's attention and dedication to improving the pawn industry is commendable. With new features offered almost monthly and hands-on help available when you need it, PawnGuru is a tool every pawnbroker needs"


Janelle Morehart, Owner & Current Washington State Pawnbrokers Association President

Max Money Pawn

Lewisville, TX

"PawnGuru has been extremely beneficial to our company as we grow our presence in the D/FW area. Below are the ROI for our store for one month:

8 buys @ $1725 , Resell value $3430 - potential profit $1705

3 loans @ 1350, Resell value (if loans forfeited) $2750, Interest (if loans redeemed) $420

Our customer’s win, we win - all because of PawnGuru!"


Jimmy Rodriguez, Owner

Chesapeake Square Pawn

Chesapeake, VA

"Before we discovered PawnGuru Pro we were spending hundreds to thousands of dollars a month on pay per click ads and seeing little to no result. Now, as a PawnGuru Pro member, when someone searches where to sell or pawn an item our store comes up at the top of every search. We also now have a reliable source through which we can filter items that we want to take in via pre-selected, automated responses. This is a huge time saver for us.

Being a PawnGuru Pro member has not only saved us money, it has made us money! The Quick Price feature of the membership has provided us with the opportunity to get quotes on and quickly re-sell diamonds, watches, and electronics all without ever leaving our store. The staff at PawnGuru Pro is like family. They are easily accessible and always eager to help in any way that they can. They are some of the most genuine people you will ever meet and they give you the sense that they truly want to help your business grow.

We would highly recommend PawnGuru Pro to any shop considering it. You will not be disappointed at all. Our only regret is that we hadn't become PawnGuru Pro members sooner"


Maurice Fuller, Owner

Smyrna Pawn Brokers

Smyrna, GA

"PawnGuru is mutually beneficial to both buyers and sellers, providing a venue for clients to get a fair and efficient offer on their used goods. Quite often I hear “It never entered my mind to sell to a pawn shop."


Jason Wallace, Owner

Bradley Barter & Pawn

Cleveland, TN

"PawnGuru has been a significant asset to our business by allowing us to reach customers in a larger region. Of the many helpful features they provide SmartHire is our favorite, it allows us to significantly reduce the time needed to sort possible employees and produces Great results"


Jason Cook, Owner

Olympic Jewelry

Seattle, WA

"Since I signed on with PawnGuru, they have definitely increased my bottom line. Their service has directly lead to clients walking into my store that otherwise would not have. From one client alone that I acquired through PawnGuru I’ve made over $7,000 in loan interest in 8 months.

I love their QuickPrice services too; and the fact that their online reviews count for Google SEO is awesome!"


Michael Wanaka, Owner

AAA Pawn

Marietta, GA

"Pawn Guru is easily the best money spent for the amount and quality of leads we are getting. We no longer use ppc or even high dollar yellow page advertising because we weren’t getting results anymore.

For a while we had several boats come into pawn through Pawn Guru. One in particular drove from Alabama 2 hours away. He pawned (ultimately sold) us a boat for $18k which we sold for $45k to a boat dealer when it was available to sell. These are just a couple of the customers we have been able to get through this platform. It has been a huge win for us for sure!"


Rob Spiva, Owner

Bestway Pawn Mart

Yakima, WA

"Pawn Guru has been great, and we get customers in our store that have never been in before. The more add-on's they bring on, will only further help our business in areas we have not loaned or bought before. I can’t wait to see what is next. Thank you Pawn Guru for helping our business grow."


Dianne Marby, Owner

All American Pawn & Gun

Carrolton, GA

"PawnGuru takes their customer service seriously! Jonathan and Joan are always there to help! They are always looking for ways to improve their service and provide a value to our industry"


Scott Sawyer, Owner

Heritage Jewelry & Loan

Sugarland, TX

"In 2019 if you're not using PawnGuru, you will be left behind and your competition will be looking at you in their rear view mirror.

Over the last 36 months we've gotten incredible value from PawnGuru Pro. On average PawnGuru is responsible for 10k a month in new loans and purchases which turns into a $2500 a month profit; all for the reasonable price of $199 a month"


James Crawford, Owner

4 Corners Pawn

Clermont, FL

"We have been using Pawn Guru several years now and there is no other source of getting new qualified leads for Pawn Shops like this platform.

I just want to share one case where we made tremendous return from Pawn Guru just in 1 transaction: not long after we opened our new store I saw a local customer posted a Rolex watch in Pawn Guru. I personally contacted them and same day the customer came in, however he also brought his friend who also needed a loan and he got had an even better Rolex. Awesome!

We've made in excess of $5000 in interest alone on the Rolex' loans. Considering it is a new store - it helped to bring our numbers up fast. Thanks Pawn Guru!"


Shawn Rahimov, Owner

Pay Beny

Oak Park, MI

"I consider myself a born again PawnGuru Pro member. 4 years ago when I was first contacted, I didn't really think it would go anywhere. But the PawnGuru team proved me wrong and willingly embraced me back in as a Pro shop member. Today I am doing several thousand a month in business from the PawnGuru platform. My Pro membership has given me back 10x what it costs, and I haven't even begun to tap into some of their newer features and integrations"


Ray Fox, Owner

Jackpot Pawn

Fraser, MI

"PawnGuru has been great for growing my business. I’ve had great success in expanding my loan balance, customer base and increased sales thanks to PawnGuru. We’ve also benefited from the great services and discounts they are able to offer. Well worth the small monthly fee that we make back from 1 or 2 transactions each month."


Doug G, Owner

LBC Boutique & Loan

Somerville, MA

"The PawnGuru team is single handedly bringing the pawn industry online. I have generated thousands in profit from their platform as a Pro member. Besides the customers, I really enjoy their QuickPrice features. Most recently I encouraged PawnGuru to strike a integration deal with BirdEye, and a week later they delivered!

With thousands in profit every month from PawnGuru leads this innovative pawnshop platform delivers big time, with cheap monthly fees to boot!"


Dylan McDermitt, Owner