We’re pleased to announce that we have chosen to move our Email and other communication and collaboration systems to the Cloud with Google for Education. We know the old email system had issues and challenges; that is why we went big and chose a new platform built for productivity and collaboration called G Suite. G Suite will allow our teams to Work Faster, Collaborate better and access our company data and files, anywhere securely, all through the power of Google Cloud. Google for Education at KeMU will be available for both Students and Staff and all staff will maintain their current email addresses and data. In the coming weeks you'll receive additional announcements as we begin switching employees' from Exchange accounts to G Suite. But don't worry, you won't lose important data, and your email address won't change!

G Suite is a collection of Enterprise Office communication, productivity and collaborative solutions and software offered by Google for Business. The solutions are deployed within an organizations domain with the organization having full control of its data, users and service management through an admin console. Core G Suite Products include;Email; Through Gmail with UNLIMITED storage;

  1. Calendar and Meetings; Through Google Calendar
  2. Video Conferencing Tools; Through Google Hangouts
  3. Mass Mailing; Through use of Google Groups
  4. Office and Collaboration; Through use of Google Drive
  5. Surveys and Assessments; Through Google Forms
  6. Intranets and Portals; Through Google Sites

All user accounts email will be migrated gradually by our contracted Partner. The duration of migration is expected to last not more than 45 days from the start of the project. However, even as migration runs in the background, users will be able to use their new Google G Suite emails and resources. Out IT Team is at hand working with the Partner to see to it this is completed in time. If you have trouble, contact IT at once on Murithi Nicholas <Nicholas.Murithi@kemu.ac.ke> or <ict.support@kemu.ac.ke>

We think you'll enjoy your new G Suite services, and we're committed to making this a smooth transition.