Second Grade Scholars

Mrs. Agha


March 9, 2020

Salam, Parents! Our essential question in reading this week is, why are rules important? We will be reading stories about this theme inshaAllah. This week's skills and concepts include understanding story sequence and summarizing to help with comprehension. Please use ConnectEd to practice these skills and concepts with students at home. We completed our math curriculum last week so we will begin reviewing and working on IOWA test practice inshaAllah.

Scholastic book orders are an excellent way to build your at-home libraries! I send out two book orders a month. Parents can order books online at anytime by using our class code, GTBFC. Your order will go through once I place my classroom order and it ships directly to Peace Academy.

Please note that mandatory homework is assigned everyday and passed out in class, expected to be returned the very next day. For parents who would like extra homework, students have new assignments on Khan Academy and ConnectEd assigned every week! These assignments are aligned with what we are learning in class and are a great reinforcement tool, but I do not use them for a homework grade. Assignments are available in 2nd grade math, reading/ELA, and science through ConnectEd, and advanced math and grammar through Khan Academy.