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Kimberly Brinkman

Director, Career Navigation

209-892-4750 ext. 27118

Preparing students for 21st Century Career Readiness!

Are you a firm believer that students who graduate high school should do so with basic work readiness skills and the ability to success in a college and career setting?

At Patterson Joint Unified School District, we do too!

Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways prepare learners for high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers. The goal of CTE is to prepare students to be college-and-career ready by integrating academic, employability, and technical skills. Through clear career pathways and postsecondary partnerships, CTE provides students with a rigorous and relevant curriculum that will allow students to successfully transition to life after graduation.

Patterson Career Technical Education Pathways engage students in hands-on, skill-based programs to prepare them with skills that are useful whether they go to college, enter the workforce, or both after high school. It is our mission to train students with real-world applicable skills by training them in industries that are in demand in the local labor market.

What if I don't want to go to college or can't afford it?

Some training after high school is necessary to gain skills to get you into a high-wage, high-skilled career. These skills do not need to be learned in a university-type setting. Some students just don't learn well in the classroom and do better when they take training that involves "learning by doing".

This is where Trade Schools and Apprenticeships factor into the mix.

Trade Schools are designed to provide targeted training in a specific field so that students can learn a skill and start working within 12-18 months after starting the program. There are several different types of trade schools in Stanislaus County. For more information, click on the "Cradle to Career" link below.

Apprenticeships are designed to provide you with career skills in a trade while still allowing you to earn a paycheck. You apply for a union-related apprenticeship in a skills trade and a journeyman within that union help train you for a career in that field.

Bricklayers Apprenticeship

Electrical Union Apprenticeship

Manufacturing Apprenticeship