Joshua Wall

Joshua Wall was nominated as an Associate Justice of the Superior Court.

(vice The Honorable Christina M. McEvoy August 6, 2014)

Judicial Nomination Commission Application


Governor's Council Questionnaire



The hearing is scheduled for August 13th at 1:00 pm (rescheduled to September 17th at 10:00 am, Septmeber 24 at 10:00 am and September 30 at 10:00 am (rescheduled to September 29 at 10:30 am (rescheduled to October 3 at 10:00 am)).

Other Hearings:

Lucy Soto-Abbe

Tonomey Coleman


Oliver P. Cipollini, Jr. - District 1

Robert L. Jubinville - District 2

Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney - District 3

Christopher Ianella - District 4

Eileen R. Duff - District 5

Terrence Kennedy - District 6

Jen Caissie - District 7

Michael J. Albano - District 8

Terrence Kennedy - District 6 presided.

Opening Statements, The Honorable Margaret Hinkle, The Honorable Frank M. Gaziano, Roland Peters


Daniel Conley


Charlene Bonner, Michael Doolin


Cathy and Jeffrey Woodman