Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson was nominated as Associate Justice of the Superior Court

(vice The Honorable Wendy I. Gershengorn May 31, 2011)

Judicial Nomination Commission Application


Governor's Council Questionnaire



The hearing is scheduled for June 20th at 1:00 pm.


Charles Oliver Cipollini - District 1

Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney - District 3

Terrence Kennedy - District 6

Jen Caissie - District 7Charlie objected, there is no such a law

Thomas T. Merrigan - District 8

Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney - District 3 presided

The hearing began with the administration of a "truth telling oath"

Councilor Cipollini objected to the administration of the oath claiming that there was no law that allowed such an oath to be given.

Attorney Wilson's practice focuses on civil litigation, in particular his cases focus on land use.

Attorney Wilson acknowledged that he will have to learn about criminal law and that he looks forward to it.

Attorney Wilson was asked about his history of donations, during one governor's race he gave both to the Democratic candidate as well as the Republican candidate. Attorney Wilson explained that his company had a fund raiser for the republican candidate, so he contributed and then contributed to the Democratic Candidate.

Attorney Wilson“Arrogant”Applied in 2003 (not recommended) with others I try to figure out how they talk and how they think I worked on the lynn zoning board of appealsGives historyOne comment, some judges make unreasonable demands not all lawyers have a large firm behind you.CaissieWilson:Devenay was asked about a donation to Congressman Frank. He responded that given the current tough financial times he felt that Congressman Frank would be the best choice. One councilor said that such a comment could draw into to question his sound judgement.

Attorney Wilson originally applied for a judiciary position in 2003, the year following his donation to both gubernatorial candidates, but did not make it out of the Judicial Nominating Commission. He applied again in 2007, 2009 and then 2011.

Attorney Wilson has been an advocate for affordable housing developments under Chapter 40B. He said that as a judge he should not be advocating from the bench.

It was acknowledged that Chapter 40B does not attain its goals, to allow people to stay in the neighborhoods they grew up in. It was also pointed out that it created a convoluted profit taking at the expensive of the individual town's autonomy.

Attorney Wilson stated that he had researched each of the Councilors, although he did not state he had researched any of the issues which he

would be required to know for the position on the bench.

According to Attorney Wilson he had participated in about one trial per year, and he had take five to ten cases to trial over thirty years.

The issue of time standards used in the Superior Court was brought up. Some practicing lawyers feel that the time standards can place undo restraints on one party.

Attorney Wilson was also asked his view regarding the evaluation process used in some courts to allow members of the bar to evaluate the judiciary. He stated that such practices were common in private practice. He had stated that he believe that Massachusetts has a strong bench that is respected by litigants.

Attorney Wilson was asked when judges should be overruling a jury. He stated that it should be based on proof in the key evidence.

Although Superior Judges seldom have a reason to see a 209a restraining order he was asked about them. He was asked when is it appropriate to issue a restraining order, particularly when they are used to separate a parent from a child. Attorney Wilson stated that he would have to take all the facts into consideration when making his rulings.

A vote was taken at the June 27, 2012 meeting

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