Pathnova is now accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) 

27 February 2024

Pathnova Laboratories has recently achieved a significant milestone by receiving accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP), a globally recognized standard of excellence in laboratory services. This accreditation underscores Pathnova Laboratories' commitment to maintaining the highest level of accuracy, reliability, and quality in diagnostic testing. The CAP accreditation process involves a rigorous evaluation of the laboratory's records and quality control procedures, including a thorough onsite inspection and assessment of the laboratory's staff qualifications, equipment, facilities, safety program, and overall management. This achievement not only enhances Pathnova Laboratories' reputation in the medical community but also assures patients and healthcare providers of the laboratory's dedication to adhering to the strictest standards of diagnostic excellence.

The NPC 20k screening study

14 November 2023

As long-time collaborators with NUHS on screening for nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC), we are excited to be part of the recent NPC 20k screening study launched late last year. As part of the study, NUHS aims to recruit 20,000 participants between 35 and 60 for a simple blood test performed in Pathnova. If you are wondering about the younger age-range compared to other cancers, it is because this virally-driven cancer tends to target younger adults.

NPC is thought to be caused by Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), which in its early phase of activation, produces a group of proteins called Early Antigen (EA). An individual who has active EBV reactivation in the nose will tend have an immune response to EA. Detecting this immune response is the basis of the test we perform in Pathnova, and has been shown to provide early detection of NPC in prior studies (2020, 2016) involving family members of NPC patients. 

NPC is highly curable when detected early, and the test is currently free for participants. If you qualify (see poster on the right), you can sign up by clicking on the poster, which will take you to the sign up page for the clinical study.

Here are recent links to articles in the media.

Emeritus Professor Chan Soh Ha, Co-founder of Pathnova Laboratories, Passes Away

8 June 2023

Pathnova Laboratories mourns the loss of our esteemed co-founder, Professor Chan Soh Ha, who left this world leaving a lasting legacy behind him. A man known for his succinctness, Professor Chan's philosophy was one of action over words.

Known and revered as an exceptional CEO and Medical Director, Professor Chan was an unfathomable reservoir of knowledge and a cherished companion to those fortunate to have shared personal bonds with him. His dedication to our mission ran deep and was contagiously inspiring, a force that propelled us to strive for excellence.

One of the key pillars of Professor Chan's legacy was his relentless commitment to nasopharyngeal cancer screening. His scientific method was an elegant simplicity: undertake impartial and blinded comparisons, then let the data lead the way. His approach brought to mind Richard Feynman's wise words, "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool." Professor Chan was gifted with the rare ability to remain objective, seeing things as they were, not as he wished them to be. He possessed a distinctive clarity of vision for nasopharyngeal screening, envisioning that it could be both accurate and cost-effective. His steadfast focus has steered our path through challenging times since our very beginnings. Those who knew him will deeply miss his unwavering faith and trust in their abilities.

In our grief, we also take this time to honor and celebrate Professor Chan's remarkable life, acknowledging his pioneering contributions to Singapore. In his memory, we pledge to make his vision a reality, ensuring scalable and accurate nasopharyngeal screening.

-Ian Cheong, Co-founder

Pathnova@LKC rises to the challenge of  increased Covid-19 cases

26 September 2021

Jessie Lim wrote a great article in the Straits Times on how Pathnova@LKC has been adapting to increased Covid-19 RT-qPCR testing since 1 Mar 2021. A few of our lab members were interviewed as representatives of our larger team.

From left to right: Mr. Jason Foo (COO), A/Prof Ian Cheong (CSO), Dr. Brian Wang (Team Leader), Melvin Ng (Systems Design Engineer), A/Prof Eric Yap (Medical Director). 

(Photo credit: Liu ShuQi, Temasek Life Sciences Accelerator)

Also check out the cool video footage of our lab below. 

Pathnova Laboratories, in partnership with NTU, is now operating a clinical diagnostic lab at the LKC School of Medicine

1 July 2021

Read about how Pathnova and NTU have teamed up since 1 March 2021 to support the national covid testing effort and to pursue innovations in clinical diagnostics. 

A quick shout out to Temasek Life Sciences Accelerator for all their support.

From Right to Left: A/Prof Eric Yap, Mr. Jason Foo, E/Prof Chan Soh Ha, Dr. Ian Cheong. (Photo credit: Nanyang Technological University)

Temasek Trust write up

13 Nov 2017

Check out a write up on Pathnova in the Temasek Trust Newsletter (4th Quarter 2017). We are proud to provide the most predictive NPC detection assay in Singapore. 

(Photo credit: Temasek Trust Newsletter)

The Next Chapter in IFA EBV serology

20 Oct 2017

A message to colleagues by Emeritus Professor Chan Soh Ha   

The WHO Immunology Centre has provided IFA EBV serology services for Singapore and the region since the 80’s. One key service we offered was the detection of EBV activation through raised IgA antibodies to EBV Early Antigen (EA). This service was stopped about three years ago due to manpower issues.  

I am now pleased to inform you that I have restarted the service under Pathnova Laboratories and will be working closely with researchers at Temasek Lifesciences Laboratory to develop pattern recognition technology to ensure continued service.

The ebv-EArly™ test offered by Pathnova Laboratories is the very same EBV IFA IgA anti-EA test previously offered by the WHO Immunology Centre with me performing the IFA. Additionally, our recently published results are promising and show that pattern recognition can improve IFA consistency. We will include this improved analysis at a later date for no extra charge.

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