The Pathfinder Tech Health Office


Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School supports comprehensive health education, nutrition services, physical activity, health services, mental health services, health promotion, school and family/community relationships, and a healthy, safe working environment. Improved health improves student attendance and academic performance. The Pathfinder Tech Health Office staff strives to equip students and their families with the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices in their daily lives.

Health Office

240 Sykes Street

Palmer, MA 01069

Phone: 413-283-9701, x309

Confidential Fax: 413-283-9372


Sarah Dunaj, BSN, RN, School Nurse Leader

Important Resources

  • COVID-19 Guidance for the 2022-2023 School Year

Concussion Protocol

  • If your child has sustained a head injury at school or at home, please notify the School Nurse (and Athletic Trainer if applicable) as soon as possible. You may do so by:

        • Uploading the diagnosis into the Health Portal under Health Conditions.

        • Uploading the Medical Documents directly to the Health Portal under Health Conditions (> Add > Choose File).

        • Email Nurse Dunaj at or call at 413-283-9701 x143.

  • Forms required for all diagnosed concussions include:

        • ACE FORM - must be completed and signed by MD every time the student has an appointment for the Concussion.

        • Concussion Clearance - must be completed before resuming sports/extra curricular or full academic schedules.

Health Portal Information

***Please note that all medical information should be relayed and uploaded to the Health Portal in order to ensure confidentiality.***

New Access:

  • Parents/Guardians will receive an email from “SNAP Health Portal” informing you that you now have direct access to your child’s school health information.

  • You will be provided with a temporary password, which is case sensitive. Be sure to copy the exact password.

  • Please login to the SNAP Health Portal at to access your child’s school health.

Entering your Child’s Date of Birth:

  • You will be asked to enter your child’s date of birth the first time you log on and any additional new device used to log on.

  • Be sure to provide leading zeros and a slash between month/day/year to resemble MM/DD/YYYY.

    • Example: if your child’s birth date is Feb 1, 2001, you will enter 02/01/2001.


  • You can save the password by clicking “Remember Me.”

  • If you forget your password, you can click “Forgot Password?” which is located on the website and follow further instructions.

Receiving New Messages:

  • When the nurse sends new information for you to review or there is a new item that requires your action, you will be notified via email from “SNAP Health Portal - New Message.”

  • Please log in to to view your new message or information.

  • You will need to click on the “Messages”

Sending the Nurse a Message:

  • New Message

    • Click on the Messages Tab

    • Click green “New” button

    • Enter Subject

    • Enter Message

    • You may attach a file here if you’d like.

    • Click Send

  • Reply to message

    • Click on the message from the nurse and click reply.

Uploading Documents to the Portal

  • Physicals

    • Click on the Menu button (3 lines)

    • Click Screenings

    • Click blue button “Upload Proof of Physical “

  • Vaccines

    • Click on Menu button (3 lines)

    • Click Vaccines

    • Click blue button “Upload Proof of Immunizations”

Pain Control Information

  • Please note that Opiates will never be dispensed in school.

  • If your child requires this level of pain management, please keep him/her at home until these pain medications are no longer required.