Building Trades

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MANUAL MECHANICAL/ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING (COURSE CODE:810201) Grades: 9/10/11/12 College Entrance: Pending UC/CSU approval PRHS Requirement: Elective Prerequisite: None Manual (use of pencil, paper and drafting tools) drafting has become a lost art in education until recent years. CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) is the most prevalent form of drafting used today. However the art and science of manual drafting is a foundation students need to comprehend and use prior to CAD drafting training. Cal Poly and Cuesta College require their students to complete a semester of manual drafting as a requirement to taking CAD classes. Manual drafting requires the student to think and manipulate tools in the creation of a pictorial representation of an object. This requires cognitive and conceptualized thought prior to physical action. We will learn the purpose and use of drafting tools, geometric forms and shapes of geometric objects. The discovery of using scales for measurement. Use of measurement calculations for area, volume, and linear calculations. The conversion of feet, inches, fractions and decimal values. Architectural Drafting Architectural Drafting will assist the student to develop a working knowledge of plan reading, basic residential construction principles, and drafting of a residential plan including site development, floor plans, sections and details, interior / exterior elevations. Student will complete a residential building plan.

BUILDING TRADES (COURSE CODE:825601) Grade: 10/11/12 College Entrance: Pending UC/CSU approval PRHS Requirement: Elective Prerequisite: (Alg. 1, Mech./Arch. Drafting preferred) This class is designed for the student in 10th thru 12th grades. This will be their opportunity to better their building trade’s skills and knowledge. Plan reading and measurement is a critical element of the building trades industries. Instructed construction time will allow students to build individual projects. Quality and craftsmanship will be emphasized, as well as shop and tool safety as components of the curriculum. Weekly Construction Math and Trade related quizzes will be administered. Building Trades emphasizes shop time for building projects. Correct tool use, safety and maintenance of tools / equipment is a major portion of the students experience. There will be an emphasis of four trades; Residential wiring, Plumbing, Carpentry and Cabinetry. The purpose is to explore these trades as well as some others that are affected by these trades.

CTE ADVANCED RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION (COURSE CODE: ) Grade: 11/12 College Entrance: Pending UC/CSU approval PRHS Requirement: Elective Prerequisite:(Alg. 1, Mech./Arch. Drafting, Building Trades preferred) Residential & Commercial Construction Pathway is available to secondary (High School) students that are career (workforce) and/or college bound. It is recommended students have completed Building Trades and Mechanical Drafting.. The program at PRHS is focused on four trade area’s; electrical, plumbing, carpentry, cabinetry. The intent is to introduce students to the basic elements of the building trades to introduce career opportunities. Blueprint Reading for Construction. This Cuesta College, Construction Technology course is embedded into this year long course. Completion of the OSHA 10 Construction Safety course (on-line).