The Shadow

The official newspaper of Punxsutawney Area High School in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

Vol. 37 Issue 10

Thanks for reading!

The school year is coming to an end, and so too is Volume 37 of The Shadow. This year was certainly one of great change for us - we transitioned our previously print-only newspaper to a solely online publication, we established a presence on social media, and we even published more issues in a year than ever before.

But we couldn't have done it without you.

As a staff, we want to thank each and every one of you who took the time this year to read The Shadow. We sincerely appreciate your support of not only our paper itself, but also the proliferation of student journalism as a whole.

Again, thank you so much! We hope you enjoy this final issue of Volume 37!

Congratulations to Alicia Weaver for being named Teacher of the Year!

Each year, students from around our school district send in votes to the staff at The Punxsutawney Spirit for who they believe should be named Teacher of the Year. The staff from the paper tabulate the votes, and after they determine the winner, they appear at our school to give the lucky - or more fittingly, amazing - teacher their plaque in person!

This year, junior English teacher Alicia Weaver was awarded this prestigious prize!

We as a staff would like to congratulate Mrs. Weaver for working so hard to receive the award, and we feel that she most certainly deserves it! She has touched nearly all of our lives in some way, and for that, she deserves this award in spades.

Congratulations, Mrs. Weaver!

AP Chemistry and Biology classes take the plunge into water treatment at Big Run plant

by Emmet Jamieson

Water is the foundation of life. It covers roughly 71% of the Earth’s surface, and every organism needs it to live. However, water from natural sources like lakes and streams is usually rife with bacteria, detritus, and other pollutants, and is thus hazardous to drink.

That’s where water filtering plants - such as the Pennsylvania American Water plant in Big Run that a group of PAHS students recently toured - come in.

A view of the plant. The fountain of water gushing up is coming from the sectioned pool, where water is being treated with ferric chloride to remove pollutants. The small roofed building to the pool's right is the building where lime is added to the water to increase its pH, the white silo is where this lime is stored, and the tall building to the silo's left is where the ferric chloride is stored. (Photo by Emmet Jamieson)
Kaleb Anderson, the photo and web editor of The Shadow, stands beside the chalkboard in adviser Heather Good's classroom that displays the staff's articles for Issue 10. (Photo by Emmet Jamieson)

Staff feature: Kaleb Anderson, writer extraordinaire

by Emmet Jamieson

In need of a smile? A good laugh? A book recommendation?

Or perhaps a well-written story or article, albeit one handed to you just a hair’s breadth from the deadline?

In those cases and many more, Kaleb Anderson, the photo and web editor of The Shadow, is your guy.

Girls softball team wins D9 championship title and competes in states

by Madison Lorelli

The Punxsutawney Area High School girls softball team’s season is finally has officially come to an end. With the team’s success throughout the spring season, they was able to reach district nine playoffs once again. This season, Punxsy had a game record of eleven wins and six losses.

The Punxsutawney girls softball team after winning the D9 4A championship title against Saint Marys (Photo from D9Sports)

What it's like to be a homebound student

by Cassidy Love

Our school offers many alternatives to regular high school. There are options like Cyber, Homebound, or even straight up homeschooling. For the last two months I have been enrolled in our school’s Homebound program.

This portrait of Class B, meant to look like a typical class photo, was used to promote the film adaptation of Battle Royale (2000). This is a stark reminder that the characters in the book are not just participants in a death game - they're classmates in junior high school. (photo from

Battle Royale: the book of impossible questions

by Emmet Jamieson

Darkness shrouds the isolated island like a blanket, and rain howls incessantly. 41 other students, your classmates, share this island with you - and as far as you know, each one wants nothing more than to kill you in cold blood.