The Shadow

Vol. 37 Issue 6

Phillette dancers and Phil and Phyllis are a vital part of the annual Groundhog Day Assembly. (Photo by Taegan Ludwig)

Groundhog Day: A local tradition extended in our school

by Taegan Ludwig

Groundhog Day, the local holiday we’ve all grown up celebrating. Punxsutawney Phil emerges from his borrow and predicts if we’ll endure 6 more weeks of Winter or if Spring will soon be making an appearance. In our school, we have our own personal celebration of Groundhog Day: the Groundhog Day Assembly.

Variety Show Committee chooses directors for ‘19 show

by Emmet Jamieson

Without effective leaders, any production or project would fall to pieces from infighting and a lack of direction rather quickly. PAHS’s annual Variety Show is no different, and to ensure that the final product will turn out perfect, the Variety Show Committee has selected the three student directors who will be tasked with leading the senior class and their show to success.

Noah McCoy sits hard at work at his computer in Mr. Wos's room. (Photo by Emmet Jamieson)
Zach DeLarme decides on the wall as the perfect backdrop. (Photo by Emmet Jamieson)
Abby Gemmell takes a quick break from her busy day. (Photo by Emmet Jamieson)
The indoor track team, one of PAHS's winter sports teams, celebrates a successful meet at Mercersburg Academy. (Photo submitted by John Snyder)

Winter sports teams head into late season, prepare for districts

by Emmet Jamieson

With the recent spring sports meeting announcing the coming season and the winter sports teams’ district games and meets over the horizon, it is apparent that the winter sports seasons are drawing to a close. Each team has mostly kept up the trends they established earlier in the season, and each coach has different goals and expectations for their athletes going forward.

Shutdown lasts 35 days: What are the effects?

by Louise Bennett

The government shutdown lasted 35 days. This was the longest government shutdown in the history of the United States. While you have probably heard kids talking or debating about this topic, many students have no idea what a government shutdown is and who it affects. We have information constantly in the palm of our hands, yet we are utterly oblivious to what is actually going on. Do you know who or what it affects?

Glass, shatters your heart and mind, in a good way

by Megan Sherry

The third movie in the Unbreakable trilogy, Glass, was released on January 18th, 2019 and the movie was pretty amazing. Starring Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price (Mr. Glass), Bruce Willis as David Dunn, Sarah Paulson as Dr. Ellie Staple, and James McAvoy as Kevin Wendell Crumb and his multiple personalities. Other notable stars are Anya Taylor-Joy, Spencer Treat Clark, and Charlayne Woodard.

Glass movie promotion poster. (Poster by Blinding Edge Pictures; Blumhouse Productions)