The Shadow

Vol. 37 Issue 5


Remember the GeoBee back in middle school? As a throwback, the Shadow Staff presents their very own geography challenge! This time, the contest questions are multiple choice, so it'll be easier for you, but that means something else: it's easier for everyone else too, so get moving! Check out the Contest page for more information! Good luck!

Library plans on holding students accountable for failing grades

by Megan Sherry

The library is changing and restrictions are now here, and students who are failing classes this past mid-term period and each 9-week reporting period, are no longer allowed to sign out to the library when in study hall. Re-admittance may occur at any point once the student provides proof that the failing grade has returned to a passing one.

This poster hung up in the library summarizes the new policy. (Photo by Emmet Jamieson)
One of the leaders of Bible Club, PAHS junior Makena Nesbitt, radiates her confidence in Bible Club's success. (Photo by Emmet Jamieson)

Bible Club changes direction

by Emmet Jamieson

While sticking to tradition is a valuable thing, sometimes change is the best way to make process - and this year, PAHS’s Bible Club is taking this message to heart.

Headed by advisors Andrew Tygert and Phil Shenkle, Bible Club is devoted to the study of the Bible and its teachings. The club also teaches students how these messages from the Bible can be applied to everyday life.


The Lady Chucks boast their first place plaque after 10 years without winning the Carl Truance Holiday Classic. (photo submitted by Abby Gigliotti)

Punxsutawney brings their brooms

by Taegan Ludwig

Most students relax at home over break, but not our Chucks basketball teams. On December 27 and 28, the annual Carl Truance Holiday Classic took place in the Chuck Daly Memorial Gym. Since 2004, the Chucks and Lady Chucks have been between wins and loses, with one or the other taking gold or just other teams winning; however, this year was different.

The effects of peer pressure

by Louise Bennett

“Do it. You won’t.”

This is a common phrase carelessly used by people to pressure their peers into doing things they normally wouldn’t do.

To All the Boys I've Love Before Review

by Louise Bennett

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, by Jenny Han, is an amazing book. If you enjoy a heart-wrenching story of teenage love, then you would also love this book.

It takes you on the journey of Lara Jean Song Covey’s life. She has been in love five times in her life. She wrote a letter each time she fell in love, and it would allow her to get over her feelings. This is until she begins “dating” Peter Kavinsky to make her childhood crush jealous. However, her childhood crush was, until recently, her sister’s boyfriend.

The new version of the book cover art following the release of the movie adaptation.