Rick Schneider Middle School


At Rick Schneider MS Spartan Band, our purpose is to foster and engage our students through the power of music.

Under the direction of Richie Haynes and Ryan Mah, the RSMS Spartan Band strive to create life-long learners, friendships, and memories.

RSMS students continually create music later on at South Houston Intermediate and South Houston High School.

RSMS Band Directors!

Mr. Richie Haynes

Mr. Haynes is the Head Director at Rick Schneider. He has been at RSMS for 10+ years and has taught multiple siblings in our band families! Classes he teaches include: High Brass, Low Brass, and Percussion.

Contact information:


713-740-0920 ext 67189

Mr. Ryan Mah

Mr. Mah is the Assistant Director at Rick Schneider. Originally from the Dallas area, Mr. Mah loves living in Houston and teaching his students. Classes he teaches include: All Woodwinds and Double Reeds.

Contact information:


713-740-0920 ext 67133

Parental Involvement

In the RSMS Band program, we love teaching your students every day in our band hall and ensemble rooms on campus.

To establish great practice routines, we encourage and promote AT HOME practicing alongside the work effort in class. Students who practice at home AND at school advance more in their musical studies. Always encourage your student when you see them working their best at home. Your input makes a difference!

SUPPORT your student and our awesome band program! Raising a band student is no easy task, so follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to be aware of what is happening throughout the year. If you need to contact directors, see the "RSMS Band Directors" page above for information.

Work HARD!

Along with the other classes your student is in, band is no exception! Every day we are teaching, encouraging, and fostering your students to their individual needs. Here are a few FUNdamentals we practice and perfect weekly: Tone, Rhythm, Articulation, Flexibility, Scales (ask your child if they can describe all these to you!).

Play HARD!

Of course, we don't just play our instruments, but we also make band a fun experience for all band students. Every school year we have multiple opportunities to celebrate our accomplishments and friendships.

Twice a year, we have a Fun-Fridays! Students are closed off to half of the school and play on video games, in an open gym, watch the latest movies, and eat pizza!

Other fun events that go on are trips to Buc-ee's, Main Event, CiCi's, and more!

Support Us!

We strive our very best to keep all parents and students informed with all the concerts, rehearsal dates, Fun-Fridays, etc.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and check out our BEGINNER BAND CALENDAR and 6TH GRADE CALENDAR below...

Beginner Band Calendar

  • 4/18 - Houston Symphony Trip

(During school)

Bring blue jeans and Spartan band shirt!

  • 5/23 - Band Concert

(Rick Schnedier MS @ 6:30)

Bring your nicest clothes, instrument, and music!

6th Grade Calendar

  • 4/18 - Honor Band Brass Sectional

(After school @ 4:30-5:30)

Brass sectional with Mr. Haynes

  • 4/23 - Honor Band Sectional

(After school @ 4:30-5:30)

Woodwind sectional with Mr. Mah

Brass sectional with Mr. Haynes

  • 4/25 - Honor Band Rehearsal

(After school @ 4:30-5:30)

Full Honor Band rehearsal with Mr. Haynes and Mr. Mah

  • 4/30 - Honor Band Rehearsal

(After school @ 4:30-5:30)

Full Honor Band rehearsal with SHHS Head Director, Mr. Ngo!

  • 5/2 - Gator Music Festival

(During school)

Honor Band will be performing for Gator Music Festival competition. Bring khaki pants, band shirt, and $ for Buc-ee's!

  • 5/23 - Band Concert

(Rick Schnedier MS @ 6:30)

Bring your nicest clothes, instrument, and music!

  • 5/20 - Main Event!

(During school)

All students who have passed off their required scales will be joining us for a fun day at Main Event!

Contact Rick Schneider MS Band!

8420 Easthaven Blvd

Houston, Harris County 77075

rhaynes@pasadneaisd.org rmah@pasadenaisd.org


6th Grade Woodwinds

6th Grade Brass


Beginning Woodwinds

Beginning Brass

Benchmark Festival

Alumni Band!

THE Guys!

Main Event Bowling

FUN Bus Ride!

Arcade Games

More Main Event Fun!