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Lead Counselor (10th) - Erica Carroll

Counselor (9th) - Hortensia Melchor

College Now Coordinator - Tara Evans

Counselor (12th) - Marissa Gutierrez

Counselor (11th) - Arlene Hernandez

Counselor (12th) - Lakeitha Kirven

Conselor (11th) - Dolly Markel

Conselor ECHS - Laura Milam

Counselor (10th) - Tess Tobin

Office Staff

Principal Secretary - Felipa Ibarra

Receptionist - Emily Baxa

ECHS Secretary - Silvia Torres

Attendance Clerk 9th -
Tocia Daugereaux

Attendance Clerk 10th -
Lupita Martinez

Attendance Clerk 11th -Noelia Reyes

Attendance Clerk 12th - Sylvia Izaguirre

AP Secretary - Monica Sanchez

AP Secretary - Erika Mancillas

AP Secretary - Laurie Neal

Counselor Secretary - Wendy Amaya

Counselor Secretary - Elisa Zavala

College Now Assistant - Liz Rodriguez

Registrar - Nora Velazquez

Registrar Assistant


Baseball - Terry Garza

Basketball Boys - Mark Patton

Basketball Girls - Jennifer Salazar

Bowling - Kada Lamas

Cheer - Gracy Murillo

Cross Country - Larry Hamilton

Football - James Crocker

Golf - Tim Boyd

Powerlifting - Scott Stoughton

Soccer Boys - Danny Simmons

Soccer Girls - Mark Turner

Softball - Courtney Klingler

Tennis - Oscar Torres

Track Boys - Rob Vida

Track Girls - Larry Hamilton

Volleyball - Kasie Fernandez

Swim/Dive - Robert Kelly

Message from the principal...

Mr. Jeremy Richardson

Week 10/26 - 10/30

Monday - Gold

Tuesday - SAT (Seniors on campus only)

Wednesday - Teal

Thursday - PSAT (10th grade students on campus only)

Friday - Gold

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Student Help Desk Phone Number - 713-740-7798