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What is Parrot Town TV?

Parrot Town creates comfort tv full of music and soundscapes for your parrot on YouTube.  Parrot tv is here to give parrots virtual bird room buddies to hang out with every day while also being a visual and audio enrichment tool that helps to create a happy, content, calm, fun, & balanced atmosphere for your bird(s) through endless background sights & sounds. 

The Birds of Parrot Town➤ Peachy (Moluccan Cockatoo), Ellie (Goffins Cockatoo), Charlie (Timneh African Grey), Benny (Indian Ringneck), Frankie & Augie (Cockatiel)

Please Note: Parrot TV is not a cure-all for parrot problems. Please discuss any of your concerns about your bird with an Avian Vet as well as researching parrot care topics. 
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Helping Parrots in Need💕

Please Help us Support Parrots in Need by Donating via Any of Our 24/7 Live Streams and/or Videos.
To all of our Amazing YouTube Channel Members, Thank You so much for your support! By supporting us, you not only help us to continue the work that we do on our YouTube channel, but also the parrot rescue organizations that we work to help as well.

Our YouTube live streams and videos were not only created to help keep birds at home company, but also to highlight our ongoing efforts to help raise awareness and support for nonprofit parrot rescues and wildlife conservation efforts. Please consider donating a dollar or two to one of these organizations via any of our livestreams and videos by clicking the Blue Donate button near the video player.

✨YouTube covers all transactional fees.

Which means, every penny goes directly to helping birds in need.

Our live streams and videos are dedicated to continuously raising money for rescue parrots in need. Non-profit rescues rely on fundraising and volunteer work to help provide safe adequate shelter, food, toys, veterinarian care, education efforts, and more—not just one or two times a year, but 365 days per year. This is why Parrot Town believes in hosting these fundraisers with no deadline in sight while supplying a one-stop shop for anyone to drop by and give a dollar or two when they have it to spare.

We also have our special Seasonal streams that change according to the season we are in—these streams support the ongoing projects and efforts of the World Parrot Trust which deals in the preservation, rescuing, education, rehabilitation, and release of wild parrots globally, all while combating the illegal wildlife trade (since 1989).

Proud Partner of Bird Street Bistro & Hemp Well 

Cozy Cottagecore Zen for Birds

Night Time Sounds for Sleeping Birds

Sleepy Birb Lounge [VOL 1]

Sleepy Birb Lounge [VOL 2]

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