Religious Education

The Stage 5 syllabus is divided into compulsory Foundation units, with the Enrichment units being optional. A possible order of these units is as follows.

Year 9

Foundation Units:

The New Testament; Mary and the Saints; Images of Jesus; Christianity in the Middle Ages.

Enrichment Units:

A Gospel Study; Inspiring People of Faith.

Year 10

Foundation Units:

Reverence for Life; Morality, Justice and Peace; A Call to Unity; Eucharist.

Enrichment Units:

Living Simply

Assessment of a student’s achievement in this stage is based on specific knowledge of Religion, as well as skills in recalling, collecting and recording, analysing, processing, communicating, synthesising and evaluating.

Excursions and Cost

Year 9: Prayer / Reflection / Guest Speaker ($20)

Year 10: Prayer / Reflection / Guest Speaker ($20)