In Year 9, students can choose to learn French.

The study of a second language provides students with many opportunities for jobs, tertiary study and travel. A second language is now seen as a vital element in many different fields, especially the travel, tourism and hospitality areas, and is becoming increasingly important in our multicultural society.

The main aims of the French course are:

  • to provide students with the ability to communicate in both the written and spoken forms.
  • to enable students to gain a greater awareness and tolerance of the culture and people of the target language country and in doing so, of their own society, language and culture.

All four language skills are developed – reading, writing, speaking and listening. Elective classes are generally of a smaller size, which allows for a greater range of activities such as role-plays, games, film studies, food tastings and excursions to cultural sights. The opportunity to host a student from France will be available and the opportunity may exist for an overseas experience in France.

It has been found that the study of a second language encourages students to gain an awareness of other people and cultures, to further their own understanding of the functions of the English language and to develop cognitive skills not developed by other studies and to achieve personal satisfaction and enjoyment through the experience of learning another language.

The Elective Course:

French is a major world language involving cultural links with Australia. The study of French in Years 9 & 10 covers such topics as:

  • music, TV and film
  • daily routines
  • making arrangements and giving directions
  • fashion
  • youth culture
  • technology
  • part-time jobs and future aspirations
  • travelling

To enhance students’ cultural awareness the course attempts to make use of the following resources:

  • films and videos
  • shops and restaurants
  • newspapers and magazines
  • native speakers
  • subscriptions to language learning websites
  • create an entry for a short film competition