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Mission Statement

St Patrick's Marist College Library is a teaching and learning resource. Its mission is to support the College's focus on the formation of people with "strong minds and gentle hearts". The library provides personnel, resources and learning spaces that contribute to the teaching and learning that occurs within the College. The library is thus directly involved in the process of challenging and nurturing "each student to become an informed, thinking person who acts with the compassion of Jesus, and the reflective heart of Mary, in creating a more just world."

The library at St Patrick’s Marist College, Dundas contributes to the teaching and learning within the College by supporting the formal and informal curriculum needs of the College. It does this by: promoting good teaching and learning practice; and by providing students, teachers, and staff with access to current, adequate, and appropriate information resources so that they may have the opportunities to develop as effective users of information.

The library is committed to: the development of good teaching and learning practice; and to the ordered and disciplined organisation of its resources and services. It works in partnership with the teaching staff to create a warm and friendly environment, thereby allowing positive interaction between staff and students so that all may ultimately fulfill their full potential as people of hope and justice. (2010)