LucidPress / Lucid Chart resources

Lucidpress is a digital publishing App with wide potential for:

  • Students to create digital books/magazines as innovative authentically published digital products to support their learning across all curriculum areas.
  • Teachers to use to support learning in class and in conjunction with google classroom
  • Staff to use for newsletters, and communication material.

Lucidchart is a diagramming tool that provides a web-based, user friendly flowchart platform loaded with multiple features and capabilities to help them students. teachers, and office staff with their diagramming needs.

Lucidchart is an ideal diagram tool for brainstorming, mind mapping, flowcharting for algorithmic thinking and managing projects.

Access Lucidpress & Lucidchart via your Google Drive

Webinar resources 2019

#1 CEnet Spring 2019 Lucidpress in the classroom (shared)
Lucidpress in the classroom.mp4

Lucidpress video

#3 CEnet Spring 2019 Lucidpress for school admins (share)
#2 CEnet Spring 2019 Lucidchart in the classroom (shared)
Lucidchart webinar_March2019.mp4

2018 webinar resources

Access CEDP support resources via adjacent slides

Click here for recording Term 2 18th May 2018 webinar and the second webinar on 24th May 2018.

Webinar Term 3 - recording.

Creating with LucidPress - support slides for CEDP schools