Self-Directed Learning

Apple Teacher - Apple Teacher is a free professional learning program designed to support and celebrate educators using Apple products for teaching and learning. As an Educator you can build skills on iPad and Mac that directly apply to activities with your students, earn recognition for the new things you learn, and be rewarded for the great work you do every day.

Google Training Centre - up skill yourself on the use of Google suite fundamental through to advance training as a way to integrate Google Apps within your classroom and improve productivity.

Altertnatively install the G Suite Training Chrome Extension to take interactive-based training in your own G Suiteā„¢. See the video overview for CEDP staff on how to use the extension.

Student Reflection through Technology - For learning activities, technology application and integration into the classroom.

You need to request to join our CEDP Google+ Community.

Adobe Education Exchange - for online learning, lesson plans, templates etc for the Adobe suite of products like Photoshop, Adobe spark, Indesign etc. Sign in using your Adobe ID or via Google to access.