Middle School


Parma City School Counselors are professionally trained, Ohio certified and must possess a master's degree. Their role is to identify and address student needs that will ultimately result in academic and personal success. Our main goal is to advocate for our students to ensure they have a positive and successful middle school experience. Counselors work with students individually, in small groups, and within the classroom setting to support and assist them in their academic, social, emotional, and personal development. Counselors also are the liaison between students, parents, and administrators. Often times, the counselor will facilitate the needs of the student to identify and minimize barriers that stand in the way of student success. Our counselors are important sources of information for referrals and outside resources.

The counselors offer support in areas including:

  • Peer relationships

  • Decision making skills

  • Communication and conflict resolution

  • Fostering self-awareness, acceptance, and diversity

  • Teaching time management and organizational skills

  • Crisis intervention for students and parents

  • Academic Planning

  • Individual and Group Counseling

Parma's school counseling program is comprehensive in scope, preventative in design and developmental in nature.



Domains: Academic, Career and Personal/Social

Parma City School School Counselors:

1. Assist in the development and implementation of a system-wide Career Guidance Educational Program

2. Assist students in establishing realistic goals through the use of

interest inventories, the understanding of the significance of

standardized tests, and the incorporation of past achievement

records as they relate to students’ individual needs

3. Assist in the identification of students who possess special talents, abilities, and interests, as well as in the identification of students with special learning problems

4. Take an active part in the disciplinary process so those students may be assisted in directing the talent and energy along more constructive lines

5. Assist students in the formulation of decision-making skills, the

acquisition of a positive attitude toward self, the development of

effective relationship to others, and the clarification of personal

values and standards

6. Provide opportunities for individual and group counseling

7. Administration and analysis of the testing program

8. Work closely with the staff in the development of programs which will provide better instruction for students, aid administration and staff in the interpretation of test results and student information, and provide a working relationship between home and school

9. Assist the administration in preparing the student schedules and certification of graduation requirements for and affecting opening and/or closing of school

10. Work with other school system personnel to secure the most

appropriate placement for each individual student

11. Provide students with an orientation to the school, its curriculum personnel, policies and procedures

12. Perform other related duties as determined by the building principal