Conceptual Physics 1P

CP Course Syllabus: CP 1P Teacher Syllabus

Conceptual Physics is the FIRST of three courses in the NGSS science sequence.** This is a laboratory course that presents science in a meaningful and relevant manner through issues and topics surrounding work, home, society, and the environment. As designed this is an introductory science course to engage students and emphasizes problem solving, decision making, and hands on learning. Through the application of science concepts to real life situations students gain a full understanding of the role of physics, chemistry, space and earth sciences. All units with this course will satisfy one required laboratory science course with a passing grade (C or higher).

CP Course Sequence (Subject to Change)

CP Unit 0 - Science Toolbox

CP Unit 1 - Motion

CP unit 2 - Forces & Newtons Laws

CP Unit 3 - Energy, Work, and Simple Machines

CP Unit 4 - Electricity & Magnetism

CP Unit 5 - Waves & Electromagnetic Spectrum

CP Unit 6 - Sound, Light, Mirrors & Lenses

CP Unit 7 - Matter

CP Unit 8 - Atoms and Periodic Table

CP Unit 9 - Chemical Bonds & Equations

CP Unit 10 - Solutions, Acids and Bases

CP Unit 11 - Thermal Energy

CP Unit 12 - Earth History and Study of Earth Science

CP Unit 13 - Astronomy

CP Unit 14 - Natural Resources and Human Impact