Why we need to BAND TOGETHER

Jesus taught his followers, "Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them." (Matthew 18:20) To become the kind of disciples Christ has called us to be, it's important that we relate to one another in far deeper, richer, more accountable ways. There is power in gathering together in community. Lifelong friendships are formed, growth occurs and areas of brokenness experience healing. When we are in the community of others, we can experience the transformative power of Jesus, discover our unique calling and giftedness, and make some really great friends.

What is a BAND?

A band is a group 2-10 (sometimes more) people who meet regularly with the purpose of growing their faith. There are two aspects of a BAND:

1) Authentic Community

2) Spiritual Growth

I want to be in a BAND. How do I begin?

Begin by asking others to join you. These can be people you've known a long time, someone you've just recently met but whom you would like to know better. Perhaps it's someone who is new to Parkway Heights and you know they need a place to connect. Think of some people, extend the invitation, and then figure out a time, place, and frequency to meet.

How long should a BAND meeting last?

90 minutes is a good rule of thumb. Some BANDS will choose to meet weekly. Others might meet bi-weekly. You can meet over breakfast, lunch, before work, after work...whatever works best for your group. Get creative and have fun! Just make time to learn, share, and pray together.

What should we do during our BAND meetings?

  • Use safe and fun questions to get to know the people in your group if you are new to each other. (See below)
  • Scroll down or go to the Videos and Resources page to see some easy-to-use resources that will help your BAND get into God's Word together and stimulate good discussion. You will see links to The Bible Project, Right Now Media* , and a 6-week lesson in Ephesians.

We'll keep posting more resources here as we get them. In the meantime, if you need more help finding something just right for your group, email Susan Eaton at susaneaton@parkwayheights.org.

*RIGHT NOW MEDIA requires that you be sent an invitation to create a log-in. If you need to be sent an invitation, email Susan Eaton at susaneaton@parkwayheights.org.

Getting to Know You Questions for BANDS

Videos and Resources

Sample Videos from The Bible Project


To request your log-in if you do not have one, please email susaneaton@parkwayheights.org

A 6-Week Study in Ephesians