Tommie Teasdale

Subject Leader

Teacher of Visual Art & Design

Caroline Garner

Teacher of Visual Art & Design

Art Philosophy at Park Lane International School

The underpinning philosophy of Art here at Park Lane is one of student empowerment. The process begins in the primary school and then blossoms as the student progresses through the secondary school. This empowerment is the teaching of knowledge and skills that allow the students to make both aesthetic and materials choices for themselves that result in a high quality of a finished piece.

Student independence and the choice of materials are both aided and guided by the teachers, this forms a vital part to the concept of artistic awareness. Students are shown that Art is not an independent area of the curriculum. On the contrary, it is a necessary piece of the educational puzzle. It allows students to view situations and challenges across the curriculum by means of creative and lateral thinking. As international students, Art is shown to have enormous influence and impact on our modern global society. This is achieved by research and discussion based around diverse cultures, history and their link to artefacts and artworks.

As Park Lane enters the world of IGCSE and IB examinations, the Art department is working hard to support and guide the students as they enter their these programs.