"Three Thousand and Five Years Into the Future"

by Rahul Inaganti

No matter thine actions or what thine speak,

When I am left alone, my love thou deprive.

Disregard the others, for they remain bleak,

And I shall remain loyal till three thousand and five.

Stand ho! For a minute, twas all valorous just a week past,

My crew resides at my abode to celebrate each weekend dearly so,

Mine own radio plays the song which I love and there is no need to lambaste.

I do not have patience as I am no doctor, and this, you must know.

I hath used to care what others bethought,

But as of recent my care only grows more

I express the notion that no one has life figured out as they aught

And I lost all desire of a happy ending, as life be nothing but a chore.

Wench why art thee falsing! Why art thou Mufasa!

Ye became so high off volcanoes, and these rhymes hotter than their lava.