Mrs. Pedersen



Website for Math Book Online

1) Type the following address into your address bar of your internet:

2) Log in with your normal Park Hill username and password

3) The rest of the instructions to do the homework are located under the "Digits Online Math Resources- Students" word document located on this page. Click on it and it will explain everything else to you.

IXL Google Form

Retake Policy

For a student to retake a test in math or pre-algebra class:

**Quizzes cannot be retaken***

1) he/she needs to correct each problem on the test on a separate sheet of paper that he/she missed.

*Correcting the problems means showing work and the correct answer.

*If anyone does not understand some of the problems missed, I will be more than happy to help him/her.

2) Once the problems are corrected, the student brings the test into me to look over.

3) When it looks like the student understands the material better, I will give them a "new" test to take.

4) The better grade will be the one that goes in the grade book.