Water Park


Splash pad

Splashpads have forever changed the way children play in parks and urban spaces.

We proud to have been a driving force behind this revolution in play.

Refreshingly Fun

It is taken for granted that play is not only a great way to relax, but is also critical to children’s learning.Our solutions provide a wide range of sensory experiences that encourage motor skills development,cross generational play, social development, collaboration and cognitive and physical development.

With technology it is possible to manipulate water to create patterns and words, to produce brand logos or deliver messages. Or simply to accent a space. LED lighting can be added to deliver color for extra impact.

Water is fascinating


As early developers of Splashpad, our flagship product, it has gained a deeper kind of expertise in the design of play features that engage and enthrall children of all ages.

Part of the magic of Splashpad and a big reason why kids become so absorbed for so long in Splashpad play is the sheer diversity of water features that can be integrated in a single Splashpad experience.

Flower Drop

Outdoor Game Zone

Splash Pad

Pool Play

Under Water Zone

Beach Game Zone