Artificial Grass


Sports Fields

Quality artificial grass for sports fields

Over the years, we have kept developing innovative surfacing systems for multi-purpose sports and play fields. The result is a select number of artificial grass systems that can be designed to be less hot, more environmentally friendly and safe for the users. All perfectly tailored to balance performance, durability, safety and budget.

100% safe for users of all ages

Accommodates a variety of sports and games

Durable and safe

Minimum maintenance

Can be designed with cooling materials to reduce surface heat

Perfect multi-sports solution

Artificial grass sports fields have proven to be a very cost-efficient and a convenient solution for (international) schools that offer a wide variety of sports as part of Physical Education. It is incredibly resistant to wear and tear factors and can withstand the heavy-duty work of football or rugby matches. At the same time, it is soft enough to practice athletics and other slower paced sports.

Safety & health

Every sports field installed meets the highest international standards and ensures that your students can play sports safely. Every product we use is produced without any toxic materials and we have been at the forefront of using non-infill and sand-infill installation techniques.

Standards and specifications

Depending on the sport or play situation, location and client’s wishes we work with various standards for performance like FIFA and fall height standards. We believe that by putting science in our solutions, all stakeholders will benefit greatly.