Outdoor Playground

We know the true power of play, and it shows in our every action from innovative, inclusive design and kid-testing to eco-friendly processes and customer service.

We’re saving play one playground at a time

Our commercial playground equipment is designed and built with you in mind, whether you’re introducing little ones to play for the first time or seeking a challenging system for experienced playground warriors

Our creative play environments feature age-appropriate, inclusive playground equipment designed to promote whole child development and lots of laughter

Play is endless wonder and possibilities!



Tower & Bridge

We are always designing new and innovative play systems that spark imagination and create endless new possibilities for play. Whether you’re looking to completely transform your school or community’s playspace or build upon the playground you already have, we offer a wide range of new product solutions to meet every need. Take a look to see what’s new this year


Snug Evolution’s vibrant new colour scheme will transform playgrounds into dynamic and creative playscapes for children to explore, create, discover and learn.

Playworld PlayCube

Pirate Ship

Mushroom Tower

Santa Maria Ship

Custom Made