ONEWOOD is as versatile as timber logs that are obtained from natural forests. As shown in the diagram, ONEWOOD can be turned into a broad spectrum of timber products from structural to decorative purposes, making it a suitable alternative to natural hardwood.

ONEWOOD’s homogeneous property also allows recycle and reuse by sanding it down to reveal a new layer of ONEWOOD grains, or cutting them to different sizes and can be coated with wood finishings again.

Why do we create ONEWOOD ?


  • Decreasing numbers of large lumbers
  • Increased difficulty in obtaining timber planks of large widths
  • Harvested usable widths of timber are getting smaller


  • ONEWOOD is homogeneous
  • Wood gains are created homogeneous
  • ONEWOOD's natural wood grains can be seen at any profile
  • Wood grains are not created by printing or extrusion
  • Dimensions up to 300 mm (thick) by 300 mm (wide) by 5000 mm (length)


  • ONEWOOD is certified as Class 1 Low Spread of Flame
  • ONEWOOD is homogeneous, hence the fire retardant property is throughout the block
  • Suitable product for interior applications