My name is Jerod Ready. I am a fourth grade teacher at Livingston Elementary in Cody, WY.

This is my ninth year teaching. During my time as a teacher I have taught first, third, and fourth grade.

I come from a large family of seven children. I am the second youngest of five sisters,

and one brother. If you asked my parents, I’m sure they would say I am the favorite… or at least that’s what I tell myself.

I am a major nerd who loves to use and implement technology in the classroom.

In my classroom we learn and apply many uses for technology from designing digital media to learning basic coding languages.

Some of my favorite activities include: Whitewater Kayaking, Skiing, Rock Climbing, and Mountain Biking. I love spending time outdoors.

Another thing I am passionate about is getting kids involved in outdoor activities.

During the summer months I spend part of my time teaching youth kayaking courses with the Wild West Paddle Club.

As for teaching? I love my job! It is such a wonderful feeling when you can provide another person with

new experiences or knowledge. As a teacher, I get to do that every day.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.

I am very excited to hear about some of your interests, and can’t wait to see you in the classroom!

-Mr. Ready