Student Life

At Paragon, it's all about the balance between Work Hard and Play Hard.


When Kinder-8th grade students join Paragon, they are drafted into a "college" which is a multi-age/grade group of students with a teacher/college leader. Colleges compete in many different ways throughout the year. Academic, athletic, school spirit, philanthropy and games of chance are all competitions throughout the year. There are two divisions: Northern (Kinder-5th grade) and Southern (6th-8th grade). The college with the most points at the end of the year wins the big trophy and a year of glory of reigning champs!

November 15, 2020

Spirit Week was a little late this year, but was still so much fun! Scores have been added for the Candy Drive and Spirit Week! Next up - the Can & Coat Drive and Fall Fest this week! Good luck, Colleges!

April 24, 2020

College competitions are still happening even from afar! Our Italian Day costume contest was amazing! Thanks to all who participated!

Our next competition is the Paragon Flag Design Contest. Design our school flag for the summer's Claim the World for Paragon game. For an entry sheet for the flag design, email Mrs. Hay at

Our next competition is Star Wars Day on Monday, May 4th-- May the 4th Be With You. Costume contests for every grade and faculty! Take a picture and send it to Mrs. Hay for points!


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