What do Parents and Alumni have to say about Paragon?

Paragon is the natural next step in our child’s educational journey. We found that Paragon’s passionate and skilled faculty possesses the ideal combination of dedication and caring. We happily entrust our child’s education to Paragon.

Robin Dommisse

Parent of Graduates - Class of 2016 & 2019

Our daughter joined Paragon in 2nd grade we are very happy with all the teachers , curriculum and homework she gets at school. The staff of Paragon very is supportive and like family our daughter – very happy!

Asif & Aisha Syed

Parents of Graduates - Class of 2017 & 2020

Paragon has been a great fit for our family. We wanted our son to be challenged, and he is. He says that what he likes best about Paragon is that “it pushes you beyond your limits.” Teachers have done a fantastic job of tailoring how much challenge is provided in different subjects to different kids — a real benefit of the small class size. Creativity is valued and encouraged in so many ways and in so many different parts of the school day. I also appreciate the focus on encouraging positive behavior and the fact that the staff works hard to make sure the kids have fun, too! We are grateful that our son is getting such a well-rounded education from such a terrific group of educators.

Jenny Brannen and Mark Dollinger

Parents of Graduate - Class of 2020

Paragon is in one word, refreshing. Paragon facilitated a seamless transition from Montessori to structured school environment with no problems. Everything at Paragon is balanced; from the time spent on math to the time spent preparing for a videotaped play, everything resounds with an emphasis on “work hard, play hard”. The curriculum has the right mix between math, science and language. For 2nd graders, who enjoy getting up and enthusiastically going to school every day when they are challenged academically is refreshing to us.

Doug and Maza Heineman

Parents of Graduates - Class of 2017 & 2020

I am 100% certain that Paragon was the right choice for our family. This has far exceeded my expectations. The kids are challenged and they are learning to love learning. The environment is really amazing and hard to describe. The connection that the teachers have with the students is amazing! The children feel respected and the environment is wonderfully flexible for learning. The kids are also very disciplined so the classrooms use positive reinforcement and make learning a joy!! The fact that the children are included in the conferences is very empowering. I cannot imagine another school where the kids read a book, get to cook the food mentioned in the book, get to visit a place similar to the book, and they have reading circles in third grade. That is a wonderful idea and approach to learning.

Dr. Keri Stephens

Parent of Graduates - Class of 2014 & 2017

Paragon’s greatest strengths are its passionate teacher/ coaches and small classroom sizes. Compared to the elementary school we attended before Paragon, it seems that my children are getting more personal attention. It’s comforting to know that they won’t “fall through the cracks.” I like the work had play hard motto. I like that there is time during school to work on their assignments. I like the honest & open communication between the parents and all the teachers, including Mr. McGrath. The size of the campus is good for social interaction, but not so that I have to worry about the typical middle school issues of a larger campus. There is always supervision.

Michelle Kinney

Parent of Graduates - Class of 2014 & 2016

We love it when we see that the kids are eager to go to school in the morning and in the evening excited to share what they did the whole day and eagerly looking forward to get back to school the next day. The kids love their teachers and are excited and eager to go to school every morning … all year long! Like the style and inquisitive method of teaching – it is very innovative and makes the kids think and provide them guidance perspective and focus on big picture view of topic. The school is awesome, love the way their day is organized, keeps the kids intellectually challenged the whole day.

Sridhar Keta

Parent of Graduates - Class of 2016 & 2017

The administration seems to convey a positive, healthy, balanced attitude to the teachers, parents, and students. They also hire people that do the same. I think this ensures that the children are getting good role models for how to treat other people and how to maintain a positive attitude toward life. The teachers’ attitudes and behaviors are far more positive and healthy overall than in the other schools I have seen. Discipline is more positive. Assignments and lessons are more meaningful in terms of having the student fit what is learned into their previous understanding and process their learning in a personal way. Great attitude and energy!

Kari Ramachandran

Parent of 3rd grader Raj

Thanks again for everything you have done for our daughter. She has never worked so hard, been so happy, or learned so much!

Doug Schultz

Parent of Graduate - Class of 2018

In case I had any doubts about Paragon before parent night (not that I did), they were squelched during the hour and an half we spent hearing from Alex’s teachers! WOW! I was impressed. I knew we were sending him to receive a great education. We’ve seen from last year the amazing curriculum, teachers and education Paragon provides. But, what really struck me on parent night was the Character Education that was being covered as well. On top of superb academics, there was (on the syllabus!) character points that would be covered in the year, too. From learning about stand of living conditions around the world, to the maturity taught in how to approach an authority figure with a mistake of grade, I saw that not only was Alex receiving top notch intellectual training, but also great character training. Thank you!!

Becky Carter

Parent of Graduates - Class of 2014 & 2018

I can personally say that I owe all of my successes to Paragon. Without Paragon I would not have been prepared for high school nor college. Paragon prepares students for more than they can imagine, the students will finally realize it once they are getting ready to apply for colleges and even while they are discussing their middle school memories with others.

Haneen Sakakini

Class of 2004

I snuck in the back of the parent presentation yesterday and I was just thinking how much I appreciated the insight into the world of 12 year old boys and how fortunate we were to have Grant at Paragon under your leadership…

….and then I became even more appreciative when I picked up my grinning son today who was totally covered in mud! This is the same boy who stayed up late last night studying for a World Cultures test and drafting ideas for his short story, and then insisted on getting up early to study for a potential science pop quiz…. What a fabulous school which inspires him to push himself intellectually and academically, and to then totally relax and blow off steam and enjoy being a crazy kid in the mud!!!!

Just had to say thanks again,

Cathy McHorse

Parent of Grant McHorse (Class of 2010)

Allison McHorse (Class of 2012)

and Ben McHorse (Class of 2015)

I had essentially taken freshman year at Paragon, so 9th grade was a breeze. I would have honestly sunk there. I cannot overstate the value of education and opportunity Paragon provided for me.

Austin Tobin

Class of 2004

Academically, Paragon helped our seventh grader score an 1150 on his first SAT exam. But more importantly, Paragon helped him live the learning best expressed by Mark Twain: “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

Many, many thanks!

Jessica Forrest

Parent of Haydn Forrest (Class of 2006)

and Haley Forrest (Class of 2010)

Now in her fourth year at Paragon, Kate still can’t wait to get to school each morning. The rigorous college-prep courses provide the educational challenges she seeks. But it’s the dedicated and caring faculty and staff who make Paragon the special and unique place that it is.

Thank you, Paragon!

Rani Clasquin & Eric Harslem

Paragon Prep prepared me for high school because the teachers at Paragon hold the students to very high standards. These standards translate to the students having high standards for themselves, which makes the transition to high school, where a lot is expected of students, a lot easier.

Katie Fitzpatrick

Class of 2002

Paragon creatively concocts the perfect recipe for bright adolescents: begin with a classically driven curriculum seasoned with open-minded innovation, high moral expectations with a good dose of humor and a hilarious pinch of irreverence. Then add competitive spirit on the field and in the classroom, blended with genuine care so that each student and athlete feels a valued part of the school. But their secret and unique ingredient: the total focus is on the middle schoolers’ needs with the aim to provide the best preparation possible for high school. We as ourselves how is it possible that all this takes place in such a modest building with no aggressive fundraising or fancy bells and whistles. How do they turn out kids with a disciplined work ethic and a passion for learning? Now we know. Our son, Caleb, comes home everyday with stories of friendship, teamwork, and a mind brimming full of new thoughts. Paragon Prep is one of the smartest decisions we have ever made.

Camille and Sandy Kress

Parents of Caleb Kress (Class of 2008)

and Molly Kress (Class of 2012)

Having had two children attend Paragon (one still there), we have been so impressed with the education and nurturing environment that Paragon offers. In addition to the excellence in academics, there has been a valued emphasis on the development of skills towards their future academic success that is often missed by teaching institutions. My wife joins me in congratulating Paragon in achieving these difficult and rewarding educational goals.

Adele and Victor C. Yi

My wife and I have been exceptionally pleased with Paragon Prep. It’s amazing how much kids can learn when they are provided outstanding teachers armed with a strong curriculum and high expectations.

Mike Brown

Honestly, I am at a loss for words to appropriately express how pleased we are with our experience, and most importantly, Alec’s experience at Paragon. He finally feels like he fits in. He comes home everyday with only positive things to say and approaches each school day with enthusiasm. We, as parents, believe this is one of the best decisions we have ever made in the upbringing of our child.

Mary Brown

We sent a fifth grader to Paragon Prep who, as he often said, would “rather eat worms” than go to school. Paragon gave us back a child who loves to learn and actually wants to go to school. Our son’s experiences at Paragon have changed his life in such positive, constructive, and concrete ways that we can’t say enough to express our happiness and gratitude (and relief!) to the faculty and staff.

Julie and Lee Parsley

Parents of Will Parsley (Class of 2007)

I knew Paragon Prep was a different type of middle school from the first time I walked in the front door. A student, on her way out, stepped back, opened the door for me, looked me in the eye, smiled and said, “Hello!” Whoever that girl was she forever imprinted on me the Paragon difference. Besides being smart, Paragon kids are happy to be a part of the Paragon family and that attitude spills over into everything they do. For Maria the past three years have been invaluable. Thanks to Paragon’s outstanding faculty and nurturing environment, she has developed tremendously on all levels—academics, self-confidence, maturity, character, critical thinking—you name it. She’s also had tons of fun, and has loved every minute of her middle school years. Paragon’s unique environment gave Maria a safe place to thrive and blossom, and taught her how to achieve and do her best. Thank you, Paragon Prep!

Anne and David Sterrett

What if we could get rid of all the politicians, bureaucrats, and administrators and just let the teachers do what they love to do? Well, at Paragon Prep they did just that. At Paragon, it’s all about the educational experience and it’s great. Maren, our sixth grader couldn’t be happier, we couldn’t be happier, and these teachers are having so much fun we’re almost envious.

Ben and Pamela Stone

Parents of Maren Stone (Class of 2008)

and Wes Stone (Class of 2010)

Paragon prepared me for the rigorous IB Program in High School and helped me juggle friends, clubs and school at the same time. My favorite memory of Paragon was traveling to Washington DC with my class! That trip helped to spark the love of Politics that made me choose going to school in downtown Washington. John Sakakini, Class of 2001 Paragon has been for me not only a school, but also a family, a challenge, an aspiration, and a foundation. I have been prepared for a life of knowing myself fully and loving myself wholly at Paragon, while learning how to become confident and successful in whatever I do. I guess it is true what they say; middle school does make a difference. It did for me.

Laura Benold

Class of 2000

The founders of Paragon understand two things very well–how middle school aged children think and what they need in order to prosper, and, that a very key ingredient in education is hiring outstanding teachers who possess a passion for their subject and a joy in sharing that knowledge with their students. Paragon is a gem in middle school education.

Bob & Denise Fletcher

Whenever anyone asks Niki how she likes Paragon , she says, “I love it!!!”.When they ask what she loves about it, Niki says “The teachers are so nice; they make learning fun and it feels like a big family”.

Val and Jeff Newberg

Paragon is a happy place.

The kids work hard and play hard.

Our son is working harder and doesn’t even realize it.

He wants to succeed for himself and his teachers.

He is much happier and looks forward to going to school.

He thinks Paragon is much more relaxed than his previous school.

Mr. Cash is the best!

Keep up the good work!

Rich Lampert

If you could create a place where the teachers loved to teach, where they enthusiastically embraced the unruly, awkward, emotionally evolving age group of 10-14; and a place where the students clamored to go, loved to be day in and day out, and longed to find again once they had left, you would have created Paragon. If you could arm every child with the strength of purpose to follow their path, the resolve to do their best, and the compassion to embrace the talents and differences of others, you would have replicated the effect Paragon has on each and every one of its students. It is a remarkable place of extraordinary people.

Melissa and Scott Greenwell

Paragon was like an oasis to Olivia after moving from California to Texas. She felt like she was back in a dynamic, challenging and stimulating educational environment after attending (serving?) one year in the AISD. She is thriving! Paragon is not just a fantastic school with great teachers and administration, yet it is a culture which embraces the middle school emotional challenges facing parents today. It’s reassuring getting the support parents deserve as we develop

character, as well as a love for higher learning in our children.

Katherine Berkeley

Paragon completely changed Katy’s academic performance and boosted her self confidence. She thrives in an atmosphere that challenges her to think and reason beyond standard textbook information. It’s rare for her to miss a day of school because she looks forward to every day.

Kim & Jimmy Martens

The simplest way I can describe Paragon is they (the kids AND teachers) work really hard and play really hard. Somehow that dynamic is extremely motivating and nurturing to middle school students.

Diane and Leonard Dougal

Parents of Evan Dougal (Class of 2007)

and Ross Dougal (Class of 2010)

Brian and I had no doubts as to whether we would send our son to Paragon after our daughter had attended there all four years. We know our children are getting and have gotten an extraordinary education at Paragon. We know they are safe and that they ALWAYS have a good time. My son, who has been there since 9/05, so eloquently put it “I have the best teachers and go to the best school in the world!”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Brian and Tracy Brown

Parents of Samantha Brown (Class of 2004)

and Will Brown (Class of 2009)