The Paragon Difference

Paragon provides a dynamic, fun, and stimulating environment in exchange for a student and parental commitment to excellence. It is this partnership that makes Paragon Prep a success and an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Paragon produces students who are well-rounded, inquisitive, thoughtful, concerned for others, devoted to (and knowledgeable about) democratic and entrepreneurial principles. Paragon strives to inspire students to become articulate, ethical, and eager for further learning. At Paragon Prep, students are involved in a variety of academic competitions, clubs and class trips that are both educational and culturally enriching. Students are introduced to standardized test-taking strategies and advanced study skills. Eligible students are involved in the Duke Talent Identification Program and all students become proficient in the use of technology via projects requiring Internet research and multimedia presentations. At Paragon, students are given a truly comprehensive educational experience.

Paragon School Philosophy

Our students strive for independence, acceptance, self-expression, and academic and personal success. The path from childhood to adolescence brings new struggles in all realms – academic, personal, social – and we provide guidance, support, and encouragement for our students to ensure that this productive struggle leads to desired outcomes. Paragon stresses student responsibility and teaches that self-discipline, goal setting, and teamwork are the keys to academic success. Paragon strives to help students master a core of essential knowledge; learn to think logically and independently; value honesty, self-reliance and respect for others; and apply their learning to real-world situations.

Students Master a Core of Essential Knowledge

The academic foundation at Paragon consists of reading, composition, mathematics, history, citizenship, logic and science. Paragon students work to master these concepts in order to build the background necessary for advanced study in high school and beyond.

Students Learn to Think Logically and Independently

While learning facts is important, students also need to develop strong analysis skills to be prepared for advanced study in high school and college. They must learn to value their academic abilities and opinions, have confidence in their thinking skills, and be excited by the results. Paragon teachers encourage students to develop their academic confidence by requiring thoughtful oral and written answers and carefully written essays. This exercises the students’ intellects and helps students to grow into logical, independent individuals.

Students Value Honesty, Self-Reliance, and Respect for Others

Students must complete their own class work and homework. Paragon students must exhibit honesty in everything with the full understanding that honesty brings respect from both their peers and the faculty. Paragon students learn that freedom is essential for a democratic society and that each person has fundamental rights. By respecting those rights, Paragon students learn valuable lessons about how to function in a diverse society.

Students Apply Their Own Knowledge to Real-World Problems

Middle school students excel in academic challenges that connect classroom learning to the real world. They benefit from the opportunity to apply the skills and concepts that they learn in practical ways. The classes at Paragon Prep are grounded in both comprehension of the subject matter and application of that knowledge. At Paragon Prep this takes a variety of forms, from a geography project where students are responsible for political and economic development of an emerging republic, to stock market simulations where they design model portfolios.

If you find you still have questions or would like to meet the team, please call the school office at (512)459-5040 or e-mail us and we will be happy to talk with you.