Biology and

Honors Biology

Denise Sherman, PHHS, 2017-18

This year, we will be using Schoology for daily class announcements/ assignments, slide shows, etc. You will be provided an access code and instructions in class.

Welcome to Biology at PHHS!

My name is Denise Sherman.

Here's how you can contact me...


Phone: 623-455-7400 ext. 7437

Paradise Honors High School

12775 N. 175th Avenue

Surprise, AZ 85388

Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30-3:30.

Mandatory Supplies:

  • You MUST have a 2" three ring binder with at least 5 dividers. At the beginning of each unit, you will be given ALL the handouts you will need for the entire unit, including pages for lecture notes, worksheets, etc. THERE WILL NEVER BE A DAY WHEN YOU WON'T NEED YOUR BINDER. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE YOUR BINDER EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! NO KIDDING!!!
  • A pencil to write with!
  • Positive attitude- you will exhibit proper respect to your classmates and yourself at all times. This includes adherence to all PHHS student policies regarding cheating, usage of electronics, and dress code!

Also helpful but not required:

  • paper- both college ruled and unlined copy paper
  • 3” X 5” index cards
  • colored pens or pencils, or fine-tip markers
Welcome Letter 2017
Biology Syllabus