Year 13

Teacher: Ms Helen MacGougan

Contact details:

At Year 13, we offer you the choice of short film or documentary.

Our learning objectives are to:

  • Plunge into powerful storytelling and genre
  • Write effectively for short film or doco
  • Work confidently together to design a short film or doco
  • Film and edit a short film or doco
  • Promote and celebrate our work at The Pappies

All the docs you need:

Course overview

The Brief

Year 13 Media Short film/doco project - overview

Every step you take:

Design & Plan - Short film
2019 Pitch Perfect - short film
Writing a script - Media 3.8
Art of the title


Checkpoints are tasks you must complete to meet your final deadlines. These are set fortnightly and you are required to meet the checkpoints to keep on top of your project workload. Checkpoints help you reach your deadlines. If you don’t meet all of the criteria of a checkpoint, this will be reflected in your engagement report and your caregivers will be contacted.

Ultimately, meeting checkpoints = success. Missing checkpoints = problems

Tools of the trade:

  • A reflective journal: a visual diary as evidence of ongoing refinement of ideas and contribution to the project. You will be required to submit your journal at regular checkpoints for teacher feedback.
  • Google Drive folders: individual Google Drive folders shared by your teacher and planning folders shared with your group and your teacher.
  • Short film websites for foraging:




  • Keep up to date with our short film playlist on YouTube
  • Design & plan: a mood board of images that inspire you for your short narrative film or short documentary. You will be required to use your print credit to print images. + post-its
  • Scriptwriting:

o sign up to Celtx for scriptwriting (free) You will be required to download your PDFs for feedback and submission. Upload these to the shared folder your teacher sets up for you.

o Sign up to Grammarly for help with writing conventions

  • Filming: a smartphone (warning: set your device to film using most compatible formats before filming + editing) or camera and stabilising equipment e.g. selfie stick or tripod. Some equipment is available from the school library.
  • Editing:

o you must use industry-level Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. Warning: using iMovie templates or other app templates do not meet the requirements for assessment authenticity. Adobe Premiere Pro is available for free on computers in the Media Studio B1.

o You can purchase your own student license of the full Adobe Suite for your Mac or high spec laptop. Speak to your teacher for more details of how to purchase this through the school office.

o Premiere Pro tutorials:

Some of our previous best short films:

Final Exhaucution actual.mp4
A heist out of water - Olivia, Anthony.mp4
Lonesome Road Final Version.mp4
Relationship Status - Jack Savage & Brandon Goodall.mp4
6 - Headache - Oscar, Liam, Amanda.mp4
8.The Reviewer .mp4
Find Me.mp4
1 - Procrastination.mp4
6 - Cartesia.mp4