Year 12


What is Year 12 Media?

Our learning objectives are to:

  • Explore a specific genre and figure out the recipe for how it all works
  • Explore the most recent & best film trailers to learn from the pros
  • Work together to design a film trailer targeting a teen audience
  • Write a production script for a film trailer
  • Film and edit a film trailer
  • Win the ultimate awards at The Pappies!

Scroll down to get all the necessary details to totally nail this year!

Define Discover Dream

Design Deliver Debrief

4 - love never dies - Harry, Catrina, Jemma.mp4
6 - Kreis - Mathijs, Meghan, Sarah.mp4

Every step you need to take:

Design & Plan - L2 Film trailers
2019 Pitch Perfect - film trailers
Writing a script for a film trailer - Media 2.8
Art of the title


Checkpoints you must meet to meet your final deadlines.

Checkpoints for film trailers 2019

Tools of the trade:

      • Reflective journal: a visual diary or blog or vlog as evidence of ongoing refinement of ideas and contribution to the project. You will be required to submit your journal at regular checkpoints for teacher feedback.
      • Design & plan: a mood board of images that inspire you for your film trailer. You will be required to use your print credit to print images.
      • Scriptwriting: Celtx for scriptwriting. You will be required to download your PDFs for feedback and submission.
      • Filming: a smartphone (warning: set your device to film using most compatible formats before filming + editing) or camera and stabilising equipment e.g. selfie stick or tripod. You can borrow equipment from the school library.
      • Editing:

o you must use industry-level Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. Warning: using iMovie templates or other editing app templates do not meet the requirements for assessment authenticity.

o Adobe Premiere Pro is available for free on computers in the Media Studio B1.

o You can purchase your own student license of the full Adobe Suite for your Mac or high spec laptop. Speak to your teacher for more details of how to purchase this through the school office.

o Learn more using Premiere Pro tutorials:

Some legendary film trailers from previous Year 12s:

42 Woodrow Way Shane, Dakota, Rainer.mp4
Microchip FINAL Ethan, Ryan, Sahil.mp4
RUN Tomas, Robbie
High School 51 Final.avi
Follow Me - Final Final .mp4
The Mandarin Man Charlotte, Caitlin, Rosanna
THE G.O.A.T Logan, Liam, Sophie
Obsessed - Chloe and Hannah.mp4
The Bet's Off! Leo & Bailey.mp4
1 - Lurk - Liv, Steph.avi
12 - Glitcher.mp4
13 - 2 Remember.mp4
5 - Scandalous - Renee, Emma,