Whanau sport

Whanau sport competitions will be held throughout the school year under our new whanau strucure, which were officially gifted to Papakura High School on Wednesday 8 February 2017.

Kaumatua representing our local iwi Ngati Tamaoho visited the school for a special ceremony at which the iwi handed over to our school three very precious names connected to the iwi, these names make up our three whanau; Te Aparangi, Otuuwairoa and Kirikiri.

Te Aparangi

Te Aparangi was an ancient Ngāti Tamaoho kainga situated on the bank of the Kirikiri Stream about 2km north-east of Papakura. Te Aparangi was part of a much wider network of pā and occupation sites, being connected by pathways to the Hunua ranges. Around the forested margins Ngāti Tamaoho harvested a wide variety of foods, rongoa (medicine) and building materials.

Te Aparangi became an important part in the Crown‟s invasion after the proclamation of war by George Grey on July 11 1863. Members of Ngai Tai, Te Akitai, and other iwi from surrounding area joined Ngāti Tamaoho at Te Aparangi to escape the advance of General Cameron‟s troops and the encroachment of European settlers on their ancestral lands. Eventually many of the people taking refuge there were arrested and held prisoner for several months without trial or even charges being laid. Many died includ- ing prominent rangatira, as well as women and children.


The Taiaha is a powerful weapon that represents defence and protection. It has been used to protect people, defend land and strengthen mana. Symbolising the confidence to stand up for what you believe in.


Otuuwairoa (Slippery Creek) is particularly important to Ngāti Tamaoho because of its traditional use and its location. The stream is a confluence of many other important awa of the area including the Waipokapu (Hayes Stream) and the Manapu (Symonds Stream) carrying the mauri of these streams before it drains into Te Mānukanuka o Hoturoa (Manukau Harbour). The outlet of Otuuwairoa is also significant because of the Opaheke kainga site along its northern bank.


A Toki is a tool used for building and shaping wood. It represents to build and rebuild positive mindsets in our rangatahi and community. The Toki is a symbol of the capability of achieving great things like our tipuna who used this tool to create waka which travelled from Hawaiki Nui, Aotearoa.


The name Kirikiri, meaning “gravelly soil”, is the traditional name for the upper part of Hayes Stream in Papakura. It was also known as Waipōkapu and flowed into Otuuwairoa (Slippery Creek). The name also came to apply to the larger area around the stream including Pukekiwiriki pā and Te Aparangi papakāinga. The area was of great importance to Ngāti Tamaoho, including many places used since the times of the earliest peoples to Aotearoa. The area had several large settlements and included substantial agricultural land as well as wāhi tapu.

The land was eventually taken from Ngāti Tamaoho by way of raupatu under the New Zealand Settle- ments Act 1864. This legislation allowed the crown to confiscate land from iwi and hapū deemed to be “in rebellion”. Ngāti Tamaoho lost large parts of their traditional lands through this process including the 2,730 acre Kirikiri block.


Ko is a digging tool used for gardening. It is used to plant seeds that grow food and plants that sustain the hapu/community. It symbolises two meanings; the plentiful land and soil of the rohe and feeding the mind with knowledge that grows inside our rangatahi. This replants these names back into our community. All three designs are surrounded by Wakahuia (treasure box)

Whanau Netball


1st Otuuwaiora

2nd KiriKiri

3rd Te Aparangi

Staff v Students

Staff 21- Students 9

Series at 4-1 (staff)

Whanau Ki o Rahi


1st KiriKiri

2nd Otuuwaiora

3rd te Aparangi

Staff v Students

Staff 12- Students 3

Series at 3-1 (staff)

Whanau Basketball

Whanau Basketball Results

1st KiriKiri

2nd Otuuwaiora

3rd te Aparangi

Staff v Students

Staff 43- Students 19

Series at 2-1 (staff)

Whanau Touch (Term 1)

Whanau Touch Results


1st Otuuwairoa

2nd Kirikiri

3rd te Aparangi


1st Otuuwairoa

2nd Kirikiri

3rd te Aparangi

Staff v Students

Staff 7 v Students 5

Series at 1-1

Whanau Sports Day Results

1st- Otuuwairoa

2nd- Te Aparangi


Wairua Award

Y10 Kirikiri Girls

Staff v Students Race

Students win

Series at 1-0 to students

Whanau Kaitiaki