Project 1 -

Create vid and soundtrack

During Week 11, you will be sharing your animated videos

- which will include you playing the soundtrack.

How to get there: Week 6&7

Decide if you would like to

  1. re-create an existing song - or write your own
  2. work on your own, in a pair, or in a group

Discuss this with me and work through the next lot of instructions

What to do next: Week 8,9, & 10

Start working on your song. Things to think about

  1. Are you going to play the song live for the recording?
  2. Would you like to use FL Studio, Protools, Soundtrap - or any other music programme - to create part/all of your track?
  3. Do you need me to help you work out the chords, change the key so it fits your voice range etc?

When you have decided this, fill in this Google sheet so that I know what your intentions are for this project.

Don't forget to take any pictures/video clips to add into your final video - or use as the bloopers at the end! We'll begin working on these videos in towards the end of term.

Collecting information to create part of your video.

You will need to gather info to form a part of the background/biography of the song. This will probably include different forms of Media such as: video clips, blogs, photos, written interviews etc.

Create a bookmark so that you save internet pages easily.

You will now need to work out which parts you would like to use - and how this will be presented. We will be discussing this together and post up the ideas afterwards.

Go through these slides below to see what's required

Research with Soundtrack