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I am 14 years of age and over. 2. I will attend the race briefing. 3. I understand that this activity carries a degree of risk and is potentially dangerous. I agree that I am participating in this activity entirely and knowingly at my own risk. 4. I am aware of the hazards involved which include, but are not limited to, condition of equipment, condition of terrain, actions of competitors, spectators, officials, members of the public and weather conditions. 5. I do not reasonably believe that my health or safety or that of fellow participants, officials, spectators or members of the public will be put at risk by my participation in this event. 6. I am physically fit and (I have not been advised otherwise by a medical person), have trained sufficiently, have sufficient competence, experience and skill to compete. 7. I agree that I will wear a New Zealand Safety Approved helmet at all times during this event including while I am warming up/down, or anytime while riding my bike. 8. I will be riding a Mountain Bike that is in race ready condition. 9. My race number will be tied to the handlebars of my bike and be visible at all times during this event. 10. I agree that I will come prepared with suitable clothing for an outdoor biking event. 11. I will follow the course set out and will abide by all instructions given to me by race officials. 12. I acknowledge that the organisers reserve the right to alter the advertised course or start time if conditions warrant. 13. I consent to receive any medical treatment that may be deemed necessary in the event of any injury, accident or illness during this event. 14. I hereby take action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin successors and assign as follows: a) I HEREBY WAIVE, RELEASE AND DISCHARGE any kind of liability for death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft and all other foreseeable risks, claims or actions of any kind (including negligence) whatever and however occurring which may arise, at any time, as a result of or in connection with, directly or indirectly, my participation in or my travelling to and from this event, the following person or entities. Papakaio Home and School, land mangers and /or owners, their agents, event sponsors or volunteers. b) I HEREBY INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the persons or entities mentioned in paragraph 14(a) above from any liabilities, claims or actions (including negligence) whatever and however caused which may arise, at any time as a result or in connection with, directly or indirectly, my participation in or my travelling to or from this event. c) If for any reason Papakaio Home and School is liable to the entrant in contract, tort or otherwise, the combined maximum liability of Papakaio Home and School shall be limited to a sum equal to twice the entry fee paid by the entrant for this event. 15. I authorise the use of my name, voice and picture and any information provided by me on this entry form to be used without payment in any broadcast, telecast, promotion or advertising and on the event website. 16. Should the event be cancelled after March 16 2019 there will be no refund given. 17. I realise that I may be disqualified from this event if I do not abide to these rules and the race rules or any subsequent rule advised to me at the pre-race briefing or during the event itself. Disqualification will not lead to any refund. 18. The organisers reserve the right to close entries at their discretion, if this occurs a waiting list will operate. 19. I/we will read and abide by the race rules given out in the race pack these should be read in conjunction with the Terms of Entry.