Panula-Academy Masterclass with Vaasa City Orchestra

14 - 17 May 2018

The PANULA-ACADEMY will present a Conducting Masterclass held between 14 - 17 May 2018 in Vaasa, Finland. JORMA PANULA, one of the foremost conducting pedagogues in the world, will teach a select number of aspiring conductors in a four day long intensive masterclass with the assistance of the Vaasa City Orchestra. Each active participant will receive 20 minutes daily podium time with the orchestra and be taught by Maestro Panula himself. All active participants are given the opportunity to conduct in the final concert. All orchestra sessions will be video recorded for the daily video analysis.


  • Programme: 10 orchestral works according to participants wishes

The tuition fee:

  • Active participants 1400€
  • Auditors 150 €

Application: By online application form.

Deadline for active participants: on Friday 9 March 2018.


Mon 14.5. 12.00-16.00 rehearsal

Tue 15.5. 10.00-14.00 rehearsal

Wed 16.5. 10.00-14.00 rehearsal

Thu 17.5. 10.00-13.00 dress rehearsal, 19.00 concert

Vaasa City Orchestra, established in 1930, has 31 musicians. It works and performs in the Vaasa City Hall, right in the centre of Vaasa. From January 2016 has James Lowe been the chief conductor of the orchestra.

Vaasa City Orchestra takes into account different sorts of target audiences. In addition to the traditional concerts the orchestra produces regularly school concert tours in Vaasa and its neighboring municipalities. A free of charge senior concert is organized every year for elderly people. In autumn 2015 the senior concert was broadcasted in real-time to nursing homes and the City Hospital in Vaasa.

In addition to giving concerts of its own, the Vaasa City Orchestra has appeared at various festivals (the Ilmajoki Music Festival, Korsholm Music Festival and Lohtaja Church Music Festival). It collaborates with the Vaasa Opera Foundation and Vaasa City Theatre and regularly appears in concert with the Seinäjoki City Orchestra. Joint concerts have also been held with the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, the Umeå Symphony Orchestra and the Pori Sinfonietta. Together with the Jyväskylä Sinfonia the Vaasa City Orchestra is also the orchestra for the Jorma Panula Conducting Competition.

Since 2012 Vaasa City Orchestra has organized the International Jorma Panula Conducting Competition together with the Viljo and Maire Vuorio Foundation.

The Vaasa City Orchestra has been on tour to Cyprus, Italy, Norway, Sweden, USA and Iceland.


The masterclass will be held in the Concert Hall of the Vaasa City Hall. The hall has brilliant acoustics and is one of the most beautiful concert venues in Finland.

There are 450 seats. The Vaasa City Hall is located in the city centre.

Street address: Senaatinkatu 1, 65100 VAASA

| Program: 10 orchestral works according to the wishes of participants | Jorma Panula, Artistic Director of the masterclass | Vaasa City Orchestra | For advanced conducting students and professional conductors | No age limit | The masterclass is open to anyone who wishes to audit| Applying by online application form (submit all documents online as requested) | Application deadline: Friday, 9 March 2018 | Jorma Panula will select students upon receipt of the application documents. These selection results will be announced by the middle of March 2018 | There is no right of legal appeal | No correspondence will be conducted regarding the decisions | Publishing and downloading recordings from the masterclass is strictly forbidden | The tuition for active participants is 1400€ ; the course fee for auditors is 150 € for the whole week | The master class will be given in Finnish (and partially in English as well) | Travel costs must be covered by each participant | Accommodation costs must be covered by each participant | All meals must be paid by each participant | Each participant must provide his/her own scores | Panula Academy (Orketerinjohdon Akatemia, Kapukoulu ry) reserves rights to all changes