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A digital resource library for Manchester teachers Nov / Dec 2019

I hope you find something of value on this website (created with the brand new Google Sites!). Keep it bookmarked and return when you need a spark! There is a lot here, but there is a little something for everyone. Remember, the goal isn't to try or do everything. Small steps, in new directions! It's all about engagement, and it covers more than just "tech". Drop me a note if you have suggestions or feedback.

All things Google & Chromebook

EDU in 90

Apps for Portfolios & Presentations

Originality Reports

Today’s students face a tricky challenge: In an age when they can explore every idea imaginable on the internet, how do they balance outside inspiration with authenticity in their own work? Students have to learn to navigate the line between other people’s ideas and their own, and how and when to properly cite sources.

Resources worth exploring!

Wonder what AR is? Augmented Reality will be the future of technology immersion. This video demonstrates a simple, practical application that our students will be familiar with in the future. What can we do to introduce this type of technology into our lessons?

More here:

How can we teach kids to use technology responsibly when the technology is changing faster than we can keep up? How can we help students — and teachers — understand that good digital citizenship also involves using digital tools to do good things in the world?

Social Media Do's and Don'ts

These articles offer some valuable reminders for educators

Twitter resources

One of the best ways to engage students is to connect our lessons to their world,

on platforms they use on a daily basis.

Twitter makes it easy to do that.


A resource from UNESCO

  1. Connect your students to real-world experts and sources (local & global)
  2. Lesson application, research and extension
  3. Showcase student work in your class, increase parent engagement
  4. Grab 'em with a hook!

Build your Professional Learning Community -

Stay up-to-date with education and tech trends

A nice example of a Twitter "Thread" becoming a valuable collection of ideas from experienced educators. Read all of the replies...

Posts that make you think....

Yes there is garbage. There is also gold.

If we don't model how to effectively utilize these tech resources, who will?

Change their feeds - change their paths.

It’s Twitter, YouTube and Instagram today. It will be something else next year. But the critical thinking skills will span the technologies.



Our “forever” license for Smart Notebook is good up to version 11.4. So please be careful not to select a later version if you download the software at home or are asked to upgrade. We have a handful of licenses for the newer versions (Smart Suite) for teachers who need all of the Smart products. Email a request if you need the latest version.

AND…as Smartboards continue to age, we are looking at what the next generation of displays or interactive panels we will invest in. Feel free to let us know if you have strong opinions about what works in your classroom environment. Short throw projectors, smart TVs, Clevertouch panels, and other technologies are all on the table.

Passwords / Safety

It’s always a good idea to keep passwords fresh and updated. Do NOT use simple, easy to guess passwords that put the entire network at risk. Remember, use the Outlook email option to change your password that will apply to email, Progress Book, DASL and Sps.

(Gear icon >Options>General>My Account>Change Password)

Your Google ( classroom) PW is separate, and you need to email me if you forget that PW.

Neonet will never email you asking for your PW or for you to reset a PW. Never open an attachment from a questionable source, and email me for help if you run into an unknown!

Don’t forget to turn off your computer every night to reduce the risk of threats and conserve electricity.

Also - Never share your PW with any student!

*Did you know pressing the Ctrl and + or - keys will zoom your screen in and out?