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Welcome to the all new Panaga School Learning Links the site is intended for home and school use with the aim of extending learning beyond the school gates and to foster creativity and independent learning in our students.

If you have an idea for a link please fill in this form. Ideally the resources should be safe,free fun and creative.

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A selection of excellent videos and quizzes helping to keep us safe online. Username panagasch Password brainpop

Oz The Musical


Great Memories!

Oz The Musical, from March this year.

Staying Safe Online


Espresso is an award-winning, cross-curricular digital learning service

Providing more than 23,000 digital media resources for all subjects across Foundation to Key Stage 2,

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For Parents

Common Sense Media is a great place to get advice for parents on Internet safety, screen time and many other technology concerns

5 Questions we Should Ask About Media

Help kids think critically about the media they consume and create.

1. Who created this message?

This helps students "pull back the curtain" and recognize that all media is constructed by an author with a particular vision, background, and agenda. Yes, this includes questioning the textbooks, apps, and platforms they use.

2. Which techniques are used to attract my attention?

Whether it's a video, commercial, or app, different forms of digital media use unique conventions to keep us engaged.

3. How might different people interpret this message?

This question helps students consider that people bring their backgrounds, values, and beliefs to the table in interpreting messages. There is no one "right" interpretation.

4. Which lifestyles, values, and points of view are represented -- or missing?

All messages have embedded values and points of view. And oftentimes certain perspectives and voices are missing -- a gap that's important to consider.

5. Why is this message being sent?

In this question, students explore the purpose of the message. Is it to inform, entertain, or persuade, or is it some combination of these? They also explore motives behind sending a message, whether to gain power, profit, or influence. For secondary students, examining the economic structures of the media industry will come into play.