Hurricane Florence Update Site

This site will be used to communicate updates to Parents and Students during our time of displacement at Pamlico County Primary School and Fred A. Anderson Elementary

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Jeremy Johnson, Principal


Sonji Bell, Assistant Principal


Pamlico County Primary School


Fred A. Anderson Elementary School


Common Questions and Answers (this section will continue to be updated)

What exactly happened to PCMS?

Our school building was seriously damaged by flood waters caused by Hurricane Florence. While totals varied in different buildings, on average, PCMS classrooms were filled with 10 - 12 inches of water. All ground-level classrooms were affected, including the Media Center and Front Office.

What is happening at PCMS now?

Currently, our school building is undergoing extensive work to dry the rooms and repair the damage. This involves removing tile and carpet, along with furniture and other contents damaged and/or contaminated by the flood waters. This work will take some time to complete which will cause us to temporarily relocate to other schools in our district.

Where will students go while PCMS is being repaired?

Beginning Thursday, September 27, 7th and 8th Grade Students will report to Pamlico County Primary School and 6th Grade students will report to Fred A Anderson Elementary.

How will this move affect the daily schedule?

The morning schedule will be very similar to our daily schedule at PCMS. Students should be dropped off no earlier than 7:30 am. The tardy bell will ring at 8:00. The rest of the daily schedule will closely resemble the schedule that we typically follow at PCMS. A detailed daily schedule is also shared on this site.

Dismissal Details...

Dismissal times will be slightly different for 6th grade students only. 6th Grade Car Riders will dismiss at 2:40. 6th Grade Bus Riders will dismiss at 2:50.

7th and 8th Grade Students at PCPS will continue to dismiss at 3:15. For parents who will be picking students up for dismissal, please do not plan to be in the car rider line prior to 3:05. Pamlico County Primary School dismisses at 2:45 pm. It is imperative that we allow all PCPS students to be picked up first. Our students will not be dismissed until 3:15, so please do NOT plan to be in the car rider line prior to 3:05.

Due to conflicts with PCPS dismissal times and other logistical concerns, 2:15 will be the deadline for picking up students early from school.

How can we stay updated on what’s happening at PCMS?

We will make every effort to frequently update our website with the latest information about our students, along with updates on the work being done on our campus. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter as well.

Daily Schedule

PCMS Daily Schedule at PCPS