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Remitly is a popular remittance service to make money transaction procedures quicker, affordable, and transparent. It boasts numerous ways to receive money, such as through a smartphone or home delivery. Also, it takes the lowest to zero fees for money transfers to many countries. Thanks to its worldwide reach, the free-to-download app of Remitly will benefit active users who regularly transfer money to family and friends in other countries. Users in 21 countries, including the United States, can send money to their loved ones in over 160 countries. Depending on the country, users can transfer money through credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts. With a Remitly login account, you can transfer money to over 3,000 banks and more than 350,000 pickup locations; money may be accessible to the recipient via smartphone or home delivery.

Features of Remitly Login Account

Senders Options 

One of the most remarkable features of Remitly is the transfer options accessible to users. Among them are Visa debit, Mastercard, credit cards, and bank accounts.  

Recipient Options 

The recipients can receive money that their friends or family transferred through Remitly via a bank account, a smartphone device, a pickup location, or home delivery, based on where they live. This service is accessible to senders in 21 countries, including the United States, and recipients in over 100 countries.


Remitly does not take a fee to open an account. It does charge fees based on the country of a recipient. On top of the transaction charges, the senders should consider the exchange rate.

Easy-to-Use Platform

As of 2022, over 90% of users who utilized Remitly login did so on their smartphone devices. Users can access this platform via a web-based browser on their PC or other digital devices. 

You can download a Remitly free smartphone app through the Play Store for Android devices and App Store for iOS devices.

Guide to Get Started with Remitly Login Account

If you haven't yet created a Remitly account, go through the instructions provided below:

On Web 

On Mobile 

How to Set Up a Transfer on Remitly Login

Remitly only needs a couple of minutes to transfer money. Just read the procedure underneath to send money. 

Steps to Edit Recipient Details for an Active Transfer on Remitly


Remitly login is a virtual remittance service to make the money transaction procedure quicker, transparent, and affordable. As Remitly is a digital service without physical locations, the platform can keep the fees low and move the savings on to you. At the same time, securing users' hard-earned money secures the journey back home. To know how to set up an account, initiate a transfer, and more, you can read through the above-detailed guide on Remitly.