Valley View Elementary School

6849 E. Hwy 92

Hereford, AZ 85615

(520) 366-5508 (phone) (520) 366-5592 (fax) (520) 477-7712 (texts)

School Hours

MTWF 8:40AM - 3:35PM

Thursday 8:40AM - 1:45PM (Early Release)


Parent Contact Form

The FCC currently prohibits the Palominas District from sending out any communication other than attendance or emergencies via email, text, or phone unless parents have filled out and submitted the form below. This form must be filled out by each parent or guardian who would like to allow the district to contact them for issues other than emergencies or absences.

We respect your privacy and will do our best not to clutter your inbox or voicemail with irrelevant communications. Please print, fill out, and turn the form below into the school office to change your messaging status.

Parent Contact Form

About Valley View...

Valley View Elementary is one of the three schools serving grades K - 8 as part of Palominas Elementary District 49, located about 70 miles south of Tucson, AZ.

School Calendar

You can add the school Google Calendar to your phone or your list of calendars in Google if you wish, by clicking on the "+Google Calendar" button at the bottom right of the display pane below.

District Map and Boundaries

This map shows where the school zone boundaries are located, however as an Open Enrollment district we do welcome enrollment applications from outside our boundaries.

This year, our teachers are learning and practicing new and innovative ways to engage students and explain how and why math works the way that it does in order to ensure student math mastery at all levels. Click here to check out the Math Power Website. If you did not receive a Math Power book for home use, please ask your school office and it will be provided. Click here for the Math Power Website.

6849 E. HWY 92

Hereford, AZ 85615

520-366-5508 (phone) 520-366-5592 (fax) 520-477-7712 (texts)

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