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We have many documents that help explain the course, how to navigate and resources you may find helpful while working through the activities and content. Feel free to download, print or read and return to this page as needed. This is an ongoing, dynamic page and will be updated often.

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SY19 School Nurse Flyer


ENDS Syllabus 2020

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2016-2017 Course Evaluation

FDOE 2017 Process Evaluation SOTPTT - Final.pdf

2017-2018 Course Evaluation

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2018-2019 Course Evaluation

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The Florida Tobacco Prevention Training Program for Educators uses several levels of support for your needs as an educator and as a participant. Please choose the appropriate level of support that will accommodate your need.

Days - All weekdays except where noted with telephone symbol.

Hours - 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. Click HERE for calendar.

Phone - 561-366-6186

Postal Mail:

Tobacco Prevention/Dept of Safe Schools * Mary & Robert Pew Building * Attention: Mary Burdier * 9482 MacArthur Blvd. * Palm Beach Garden, FL 33403



  • Course Questions
  • Failed Tests, Assignment Submissions, Other
  • Web Site - Problems, Suggestions, Submissions

Attention: Brian Dawson

LIVE Support

This process requires that you can be online with the program and on the phone at the same time. You should set up an appointment to meet with the technician who will be able to talk to you while watching your computer to walk you through steps. While someone may be available to help you quickly, they may be helping someone else or otherwise occupied at the time. This is usually a last resort as you have tried all other avenues of help. To have someone monitor your computer for live support, please call 561-366-6186

Tobacco Prevention Training

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