Social Networking

There is more to helping students, friends and family than taking this course. New information and resources are appearing everyday. We encourage you to join us with the resources below. Share them with your personal social networks, colleagues and even students. These are public resources. Everyone can help us by learning more about tobacco prevention and intervention.

Accounts for the sites below are free. Some may be blocked inside your school district, but these can be easily accessed at home and through apps on mobile devices.

This is our core connection for educators. Stories are blogged here resulting from our ongoing research on materials that pertain to the tobacco industry and the prevention/intervention process. By joining the WordPress site, you can also leave comments, recommendations and feedback on stories you find here. These living documents are there for you to use anytime and typically include links to the resources. If you use an RSS reader or aggregator you can subscribe by clicking the orange icon at the left.

Our Twitter feed is a micro-blog with even more information. Twitter items are no more than 140 characters. This makes it easy for you to scan through things very quickly and choose links to more information as you find appropriate. We "retweet" items of interest from anti-tobacco groups around the country. Many find this process even better for quickly gathering the latest information. Just sign up for Twitter and follow TobaccoPrev. You will find we are very active here. Your students can do this, too.

Our Facebook presence is directly linked to the blog. We also post items here that you may not find in other places. Because of the way Facebook works, you can post your comments and even start topics here. Just click the "Like" button and you are part of the group. Due to age constraints on Facebook, your students may not be able to join us here. We encourage you to let them know about it if your students are over the age of 14.

Come join us on YouTube. We will be researching great videos for you to use in your classes and soon hope to have a video PSA contest for your students. Look for more information on this in the course news as we move forward.

Through our, and other, sources we share images and trends about tobacco and its' prevention on Pinterest. This is a great way to search and find images related to tobacco prevention for use in lessons, activities and assignments. Use it to start your own portfolio for use in your classroom when teaching tobacco prevention to your students.